AZZLY has served Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment providers since 2014. Learn more in The History of AZZLY – A Letter From the CEO.


AZZLY has become recognized as a dominant leader in Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment. By building from the ground up a comprehensive all-in-one platform of all of the most needed features and functions that providers of these services require, the AZZLY Team delivers a seamless experience for all users.

AZZLY understands that healthcare is a business. Meeting the unique clinical and business needs of all levels of care and specialized treatment programs and services, we assure those that use our platform a safe, secure and efficient workflow process from intake and admissions through to billing, claims and reimbursement.

The AZZLY Team is composed of experienced and dedicated healthcare, billing, technology and business professionals that embrace the daily challenges of delivering 5 star service, support and performance.

A Proven Vision for the Future and the Expertise to Get There

How a Seamless Process Works Best

What we validated over the years and others have followed our lead, is that the clinical workflow must flow seamlessly into the billing workflow, which flows seamlessly into the administrative and compliance workflow. Having disparate systems simply leads to human error, non- compliance, claim denials, loss of revenue and a growing accounts receivable. We have the proven solution.

Today's Technology Delivers

Most organizations recognize that cloud based software is the best choice to scale and to deliver services remotely, efficiently and securely. The AZZLY Team listens to our dedicated user base and stays at the leading edge of what is needed to make their daily jobs easier in every department to deliver better outcomes and to serve more in need. What we deliver for one we share with all, keeping a modern platform affordable, yet highly valuable to any organization that wants the best for less.

We Want to Know You

Whether you’re just opening your program or you’re an established treatment organization, AZZLY subject matter experts are here to make your job easier. We want to know you, your staff and your programs so we may best bundle a solution that is right for you to meet your current and future needs. It starts at the beginning with the business development team to make sure we are the right fit for you. Once we win your trust and business, the baton is passed to the 5-star training and implementation team that sets the timeline to “go live”. We guarantee a successful “go live” experience. We have never had a failure. We train trainers. It works.

The Evolving Doors of Healthcare

We all recognize that when it comes to the rules and mandates expected of the behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment side of healthcare, that the rules and standards of care can change at any time.

We get that. Our technology is highly configurable. That does not mean that staff can go in and make any changes haphazardly. What it does mean is that as The Joint Commission, CARF, CMS, payers, grant agencies, state agencies and accreditation agencies change requirements, AZZLY can support most requests so you do not hit a wall and find that you have outgrown your vendor. We want to be your preferred vendor partner always.

Join An Agile And Dedicated Team

Our mission at AZZLY is to deliver state of the art software for Addiction Treatment and Behavioral Healthcare providers for better patient and business outcomes.

Let AZZLY Be Your Solution

AZZLY® serves behavioral health and addiction treatment programs across all levels of care (LOC) with a solution “purpose-built” to deliver a friendlier user experience. We designed our Electronic Health Record (EHR), Patient Management (PM) and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) platform AZZLY Rize™ based on feedback from providers like you.

Connect with AZZLY experts, or reach out at hello@azzly.com or (772) 567-0206 with any questions.

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