Addiction Treatment

Medication-Assisted Treatment

AZZLY® Rize™ simplifies the scheduling and monitoring of drug administration and medical/clinical documentation in an easy-to-use solution. Reduce paper or an outside MAR by completing the Integrated Care Pathways™ woven through each patient’s medical records. Reduces med errors and simplifies your process.

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Abstinence-Based Treatment

AZZLY Rize provides a chronological Integrated Care Pathways™ of all services provided from intake assessments & evaluations, to diagnosis, to individualized treatment plans, to progress notes, to outcome measurement tools, to treatment plan reviews. We call it the AZZLY eChart, a detailed record of all services provided to meet payor, accreditation, and state audit requirements. Case management of all services provided or referred out are easy to document, e-sign and view.

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Addiction Treatment Based Chart

AZZLY eChart is a detailed record of all services provided to meet payor, accreditation, and state audit requirements.

Detox Inpatient/Outpatient

AZZLY Rize features a robust medication management feature, individualized protocols, scheduling, digital signing, recording, and date range viewing to reduce medication errors and missed doses. Combined with detailed medical, nursing and clinical templates to support compliance adherence, AZZLY brings your intake staff, nursing, medical director, techs and billing, all role-based, into one centralized solution. Standard best practice delivered in individualized treatment care.

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Residential Treatment

AZZLY Rize is a robust, role-based, documentation system from the pre-registration evaluation, scheduling, to the clinical assessment and any medication observation or management required. Multiple locations are easy to view in one single sign on. Included is an electronic health record for any medical, counseling or therapeutic services provided or referred, and payment processing software designed to improve client outcomes and business outcomes.

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Office-Based Opioid Treatment (OBOT)

AZZLY Rize simplifies the scheduling, monitoring and managing of induction, stabilization and maintenance services all-in-one EHR workflow. Medical and Clinical team are able to view and manage patient compliance and attendance as they progress through treatment. Lab orders and results, e-Prescribing of controlled substances, verifying state PDMP, and easy-to-use forms provide all the requirements for claims-based CMS Medicare & Medicaid, Tricare and commercial payers. Easy electronic claim submission for all claims included in the system.

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