A History of AZZLY®
A Letter From Coletta Dorado,
Founder & CEO of AZZLY

“Like many of you, my family’s interest in this space was formed by a personal experience. For years, we were humbled by the challenges associated with the love, care and support for my brother-in-law. An incredibly talented, successful and beautiful human being lost his battle with addiction at 59 years old – and it forever shaped our worldview. 

Personally, I knew I had to do something…to make a difference. 

I’m not a clinician, but I understand the need for efficient, reliable systems when working at the edge of frustration and exhaustion. In my prior professional life, I had led an initiative to adopt modern technology for our regional NYSE brokerage firm – during the dot.com boom and bust! Our staff was buried with intense work, and I learned the power of quality technology in changing the lives of those helping others. We couldn’t just implement anything – compliance was a heavy weight on any change within the firm.

I share this, because when you’ve worked on the edge, you know what to recognize. It wasn’t hard to see the gaps and inefficiencies within the medical and addiction provider community. We saw the juggling of paper documentation and multiple EHRs – and then the payment issues! It activated my desire to be a part of a solution – we launched AZZLY®

My goal was to create a comprehensive platform solution that seamlessly managed patient care from intake and admissions to billing and claims reimbursement – all the while, meeting compliance requirements. One stop shopping! 

To ensure AZZLY’s success, I assembled a team of top medical, business, compliance, and technology professionals. We took no shortcuts in the development of AZZLY. We made a point to understand the issues for providers and billers. We sat with clients and developed a clear understanding of what it meant to really solve the problems in their work. In 2012, we launched our first version and then soon found ourselves being asked to expand into adjacent areas of mental health, behavioral health and other forms of addiction disorders. By 2014, we had launched a holistic approach across a spectrum of program types – inpatient, outpatient, community, telehealth and more.

I invite you to join the AZZLY Team on your journey to serve those in need in your community. We are all in! Learn what a difference it makes when your technology company shares the same passionate, caring commitment to deliver what you need. We are here, so you can be there for your patients.

As you achieve your goals, we achieve ours! Thank you for all that you do.”

Coletta Dorado
Founder & CEO of AZZLY, Inc.


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