10 Facts About AZZLY®

1. AZZLY® has been around for a while.

AZZLY was founded in 2009. Built from the ground up. We listen, we learn, we commit to enhance and support the ever changing behavioral healthcare industry with a modern platform solution. Based in sunny Central Florida, we are proud to serve over 5,000 users in more than 30 states.

2. AZZLY serves mental health and addiction treatment specifically.

We designed AZZLY Rize to be used by clinical and medical providers, administrative and support staff, billing and claims staff in the mental health, substance use disorder and eating disorder space. We specialize in serving outpatient clinics and residential programs, along with virtual telehealth programs. 

3. AZZLY Rize is all-in-one.

Really. We get workflow and processes and know that claims are created the moment a patient checks in and a session begins. AZZLY Rize is the solution to your electronic health record (EHR), patient management (PM), and revenue cycle management (RCM) needs. Key behavioral healthcare features include e-check-in, scheduling, appointment reminder, EHR, Zoom telehealth, treatment plans, progress notes, outcome measurement tools, medication management, bed board, withdrawal management, e-prescribing, EPCS, PDMP, patient communication tools and electronic billing and claims submission. We even have a patient engagement portal. One neck to choke! No need to deal with multiple vendors. That’s our job.

4. AZZLY Rize is configurable to your needs.

AZZLY users have access to a full Master Library of The Joint Commission (TJC) and CARF-Compliant Required Forms for mental health and addiction treatment programs. We offer configuration of forms to organizations who want to use their own.

5. AZZLY Rize supports your growth.

We want you to serve more in your community! Our scalable system is set up for you to easily add more levels of care, more staff, more locations, more programs to serve more individuals in need. There is no limit. We are hosted and all documents are stored in Microsoft Azure Private Cloud Network. Safe and Secure.

6. We consider our customers partners.

AZZLY Rize was “purpose-built”. For over a decade our dedicated user base of clinicians, psychiatrists, physicians and nurses, billers and coders provided the feedback to keep our solution at the leading edge. We are partners with our customers. We grow together.

7. AZZLY is a women-led company.

Our CEO, Coletta Dorado, is very hands on to assure that all AZZLY Team members live up to our mission to be honest, professional and transparent in the services that we offer. Dr. Andrea Barthwell, Board Chair, is a 40 year, highly respected addiction treatment medical provider, worked as drug-czar to a former president and served as ASAM President.

8. AZZLY staff has relevant experience.

From our Board Chair, with 40 years of experience in addiction medicine, to our Implementation Specialist Team, including nurses with decades of practical clinical experience, to our Revenue Cycle Management Team, with expertise in turning your reimbursements around. Our staff is the best at what they do.

9. AZZLY Rize is easy to use.

Our system is incredibly simple. For clinical staff and supervisors, it tells you what needs to be completed, when it is due and if it is done. For billers, at a 97-98% first pass rate, the system auto creates most claims. Become a reviewer not a doer. You become a hero! 

10. The industry is recognizing AZZLY.

We are honored to be recognized as a key player in the Global Patient Care Management Software industry (2020), on the Capterra® Shortlist for Mental Health Software (2021), a Software Advice® Frontrunner for Mental Health Software (2021), and an honorable mention for the Healthiverse Heroes Awards by DrFirst® (2022).

Our team works hard to be your partner, and it is encouraging to have their work recognized.

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Schedule a conversation with an AZZLY EHR and Billing Expert to discuss how AZZLY could help your treatment organization. Email us any time at hello@azzly.com or give us a call at (772) 567-0206 with any questions.



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