1st-Dragon/CME Announces Partnership With AZZLY® To Provide A Highly Compatible Cloud-based Digital Experience

1st-Dragon/CME Announces Partnership with AZZLY® to Provide a Highly Compatible Cloud-based Digital Experience

2021 Best in KLAS Nuance® Dragon® Medical One Pairs with AZZLY Rize® to Improve Patient Documentation Productivity for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Professionals



1st-Dragon/CME has recently partnered with the premier digital health solution AZZLY, an enhanced digital service provider focusing on residential and outpatient treatment centers. “Our team is excited to be working together with the innovative team at AZZLY, to provide a co-branded, customized digital solution that will support the growing needs of mental healthcare and addiction treatment professionals across the US. We focus our business model on matching and implementing the right solutions for our healthcare clients. With this new partnership and the addition of the components like Integrated Care Pathways™, our mutual clients will benefit greatly from these combined synergies,” said Bonnie Saxman, President of 1st-Dragon/CME.

AZZLY has a custom and scalable platform that has several key features making it unique in the marketplace. Some of those features include patient-provider criteria matching, a chronological eChart, HIPAA compliant telehealth, Mediation Management, outcome measurement tools, My Work alerts, and a seamless billing and claims clearinghouse.

Dragon Medical is a strong award-winning brand that continues to provide innovative solutions, like the state-of-the-art cloud-based technology found in Dragon Medical One. It is a fast and highly accurate speech recognition solution that continues to out-perform similar solutions in the marketplace. The combination of AZZLY Rize™ and Dragon Medical One will further optimize and support the full continuum of care in outpatient programs.

“We are excited to partner with 1st-Dragon/CME and include such a proven productivity tool into our eco-system,” shared Coletta Dorado, AZZLY founder and CEO. “Medical providers asked for a speech recognition solution to speed their patient documentation and Dragon Medical One was the perfect choice. It is affordable and so easy to use in AZZLY Rize™, our specialty specific Mental Health and Addiction Treatment EHR & RCM software. If we can give the provider more time back when they document, they can see more patients in need. That’s a win!”


AZZLY® Inc., founded in 2009 by Coletta Dorado, is a leading mental health and addiction treatment software technology company, providing EHR, Patient Management (PM) and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions in an all-in-one platform solution AZZLY Rize™. The software is used by all providers and staff at small, medium and enterprise level outpatient and residential addiction treatment and mental healthcare programs throughout the USA. AZZLY delivers and supports a modern, user friendly, comprehensive digital health platform that is the clinical and business foundation for mental healthcare and addiction treatment organizations that are looking for new technology to serve more patients. A 2020 market study named AZZLY a key player in the Global Patient Care Management Software industry.

For more information about AZZLY, email hello@azzly.com or visit azzly.com.


1st-Dragon/CME, located in St. Petersburg, Florida, is the leading Nuance Dragon Medical One partner in North America with over 23 years of medical speech recognition industry experience. They were the first Dragon Medical One partner to reach $1 million in sales of the award-winning cloud-based solution, with a 100% successful deployment rate since 2016. With a strong emphasis on the independent ambulatory medical space, they partner with practices to increase productivity with a client-centric and customized approach.

For more information about 1st-Dragon/CME, visit https://www.1st-dragon.com/, email Sales@1st-dragon.com or call 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.