5 Types Of Patient Engagement Metrics To Improve Your Communication

5 Types of Patient Engagement Metrics to Improve Your Communication

Engaging with patients is the cornerstone of any successful healthcare organization. By providing a platform that encourages real-time connection between patient and provider, organizations are able to foster strong relationships while improving patient satisfaction. But how can you measure patient engagement? Patient engagement metrics are essential tools used by healthcare professionals to track how well their efforts are connecting with their patients. This blog will focus on five types of patient engagement metrics that you can use to measure the success of your communication efforts. We’ll also explore why these metrics are important, how they help improve communication, and what kind of data points to look for when evaluating them.

Five Types of Patient Engagement Metrics

Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is a key metric for any healthcare organization, and it can be measured in many ways. Surveys are a popular method for assessing overall patient satisfaction with the care that they receive. These surveys can measure satisfaction with everything from wait times to staff communication and should be conducted on a regular basis. Other ways to measure patient satisfaction include online reviews and customer service ratings.

Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is another important metric for healthcare organizations to consider. This type of metric measures how well patients are engaged with their own care, such as responding to medications or making appointments in a timely manner. There are many tools available to measure patient engagement, such as patient portals and mobile apps.

Referral Rates

Referral rates are another metric that can help healthcare facilities assess their performance in terms of patient satisfaction and engagement. This type of metric measures the number of patients who have been referred to a facility by other providers or physicians, indicating how well the care provided is viewed by the medical community.

Care Coordination

Care coordination is an important metric for assessing the effectiveness of care teams in providing a comprehensive and coordinated care experience to patients. This type of metric measures how well providers communicate with each other, as well as how well they are able to help ensure that all aspects of a patient’s care plan are being addressed.

Financial Performance

Financial performance is a key metric for any healthcare organization, as it provides insight into how well the facility is managed and its overall economic health. This type of metric measures things like revenue, costs, and collection timeframes. By tracking this data closely, healthcare organizations can identify areas of improvement when it comes to financial management.

Conclusion – Can AZZLY® Help with Patient Engagement Metrics?

We are proud to introduce the AZZLY Rize™ Patient Engagement Portal (PEP) as an integral component of our all-in-one EHR, Patient Management and Revenue Cycle Management platform.

PEP offers a secure and user-friendly platform that enhances communication, document management, and engagement between providers, patients, parents, and guardians. This new portal aims to empower individuals on their recovery journey by providing a range of innovative features designed to streamline communication, improve access to information, and simplify administrative processes.

Our Patient Engagement Portal includes five exciting new features to boost Patient Engagement:

  • Secure Authentication and Registration
  • Streamline Document Sharing and Electronic Signature
  • Seamless Two Way Messaging and Appointment Requests
  • SImplified Profile Management and Personalization
  • Soon… Appointment Schedules and Patient Payment Processing

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