Addiction Treatment Aftercare

Addiction Treatment Aftercare

After participating in an addiction treatment program, it can be difficult to go back to normal life with its stressors, triggers and access to substances. In many cases, participants attended the program for a short period of time and have not fully addressed addiction-related problems. Many people end up facing relapse, but this is where an aftercare program can help. To support patients as they continue with recovery, facilities and programs can provide routine check-ups as an aftercare program. This helps people feel supported and keeps them accountable.

The Importance of Aftercare

Addiction is similar to chronic health conditions like diabetes in that it can require a long-term plan to manage it. For this reason, relapse is not considered a lack of success with treatment, but instead a sign that the person needs to continue with treatment. Tonmoy Sharma, MBBS, MSc, of Sovereign Health explains in Psychology Today that when a person leaves a treatment program, his treatment only goes into a different phase — one of recovery management. This phase can cut down on relapse through education on managing stress, handling triggers and other techniques to help with day-to-day life.

Providing Continuing Care & Tracking Outcomes

Before leaving a treatment center, the patient is provided with a recovery plan to begin their successful re-entry into society. Their recovery plan is much more than just checking in on them after they leave. Aftercare provides an opportunity to suggest additional treatment and refer to other programs. For instance, after completing an inpatient residential program, the individual would be placed in a different level of care, like an Intensive Outpatient Program. Other options would be considered depending on the individual’s outcome.

Manage an Aftercare Program

AZZLY® Rize™ can help your facility better manage aftercare services. This type of software provides tools that facilitate patient communication, referral management and other tasks to help you keep track of patients and their steps in the recovery process. Contact us online or call 1(888)400-3201 for pricing and a demo on how AZZLY could help you improve patient outcomes.