AZZLY® Partner Nuance® 1st-Dragon® Offers A New Cloud-based Speech-recognition Software

AZZLY® partner Nuance® 1st-Dragon® offers a new cloud-based speech-recognition software

AZZLY® partner Nuance® 1st-Dragon® has phased out Dragon Medical Practice Edition (DMPE). DPME is no longer available to purchase. To facilitate a smooth transition from DMPE to Dragon Medical One (DMO), 1st-Dragon is offering a trial to each provider interested in conducting his/her own proof of concept. Ask us how you can access the trial. 

We invite you to register for our July 28th webinar to see first-hand the efficiency and accuracy of cloud-based speech recognition during a live demonstration of Dragon Medical One working seamlessly with AZZLY Rize. All webinar registrants are automatically entered into a raffle to win their choice of either a $200 VISA Gift Card or PowerMic III Microphone.

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Wednesday, July 28 | 3:00 pm EDT

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AZZLY clients speak, we listen. We partnered with 1st-Dragon to address the need for an easy to use speech recognition software. By partnering together, AZZLY and 1st-Dragon empower users to speed their patient documentation. 

Dragon Medical One is a proven productivity tool that uses speech recognition technology to speed documentation. It is a fast and highly accurate speech recognition solution that continues to out-perform similar solutions in the marketplace. 

AZZLY and 1st-Dragon have a common goal of helping treatment centers build a better foundation for patient care, while preparing for tomorrow’s challenge. Clinics and practices need cost-effective technology solutions to help them stay competitive.

Consider these figures:

  • 94% of clinicians still type patients notes into the EHRreducing efficiency and compromising the patient-provider experience.
  • 71% of patients are frustrated with their healthcare experience.
  • More than 40% of clinicians experience burnout.

Our goal at AZZLY is to make documentation as simple as possible for our clients, with fewer clicks and fewer screens. Creating an intuitive, user-friendly platform eases the frustrations users experience with their EHR and helps to reduce staff burnout.

Dragon Medical One is an example of ambient technology. What that means is that the technology is so simple to use, you forget it’s there. Providers can save time typing by speaking into Dragon Medical One and refocusing on their patients. 94% of clinicians believe speech recognition and virtual assistant technology will improve their ability to document care, and more than 70% agree ambient technology allows them to focus more on patient care.

Unlike DPME, Dragon Medical One is cloud-based, not requiring an on-premises software, so it pairs well with AZZLY’s cloud-based platform, AZZLY Rize™. AZZLY Rize is the premier all-in-one solution for mental healthcare and addiction treatment providers. Our solution supports the full continuum of care for outpatient substance use disorder, mental health and eating disorder programs. From intake and admissions, patient engagement, clinical and medical management, through to clean claim submission and payment, AZZLY is your one stop shop for all your clinical and business needs. Fill out the form on this page to see demos. If you have any questions for us, contact AZZLY any time at or 1 (888) 400-3201.

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