AZZLY® Partners With Comstock Computing® To Expand Services Offered At Opioid Treatment Programs

AZZLY® Partners with Comstock Computing® to Expand Services Offered at Opioid Treatment Programs

Press Release: AZZLY® Partners with Comstock Computing® to Expand Services Offered at Opioid Treatment Programs

Behavioral health and addiction treatment digital health provider AZZLY® has partnered with Comstock Computing® to integrate Comstock Computing’s Methware™ software to streamline the care of patients enrolled in an Opioid Treatment Program (OTP). The groundbreaking integration seamlessly displays the methadone and suboxone dispensed medication records into the EHR workflow for easy clinical review and to speed reimbursements. 

September 1,  2020, ORLANDO, FL–AZZLY, Inc. a leading behavioral and addiction treatment digital health solution, announced today that it has partnered with Comstock Computing, a specialty Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) solutions provider. The new partnership enables OTP clinics to expand the services they provide and programs that they offer within their community by taking advantage of the digital health AZZLY Rize™ platform for improved staff efficiency and patient satisfaction. 

AZZLY Rize is a leading digital health solution serving the growing ambulatory residential and outpatient treatment centers that offer abstinence based and medication assisted treatment services. 

Methware was designed by a seasoned software architect with decades of experience in opioid treatment. Methware has all the necessary tools for methadone prescribing: full drug inventory control, patient dosing and medication records, payments received, daily reporting, and dispensing pump support. 

“As funding opportunities for opioid treatment modalities increase, overlap between medication assisted treatment and other behavioral health modalities will become more and more common,” Eric Comstock, CEO of Comstock Computing, said. “By combining Comstock Computing’s unmatched knowledge of medication assisted treatment with AZZLY’s experience in the broader behavioral health space, the best of both worlds is now within reach.”

This seamless integration between Methware and AZZLY Rize, empowers addiction treatment providers to streamline their clinical processes and efficiently treat more patients for opioid use disorder in the same system they use for all scheduling, clinical services and billing. AZZLY focused on the OTP provider market since it was so underserved and fragmented.

“The integration between AZZLY and Methware has been very successful for Lost River Treatment Center,” said Bobbie Crider, LPN, an AZZLY Rize user at Lost River Treatment Center operated by Modoc Nation. “The set up is easy and adding the patients from AZZLY to Methware was a breeze. It has made a few things easier, such as when charting on patients medications, I do not have to go to a separate computer to look at Methware. It is all now in AZZLY. It has also helped with making sure all information on patients is accurate.”

The Integrated Care Pathways™ of AZZLY Rize support the full range of services including intake, scheduling, patient engagement, integrated e-prescribing & PDMP checks, labs, telehealth, outcome measurement tools, analytics and auto-generation of claims for reimbursement and financial reporting.

“We are excited to partner with fellow entrepreneurs that are committed to making a difference in addiction treatment,” commented Coletta Dorado, CEO and Founder of AZZLY, Inc. “ Physicians and clinical staff understand the benefit of meeting the patient where they are and offering alternative medications and therapies. It makes their jobs easier and less room for error to have all services and documentation in one system. The AZZLY Team works hard every day to simplify healthcare processes so staff actually enjoy using an EHR.” 

 About AZZLY®
AZZLY® Inc. was founded in 2009 by Coletta Dorado. Since 2014, AZZLY has focused on providing a solution specific to addiction treatment and behavioral healthcare through AZZLY Rize™, an all-in-one electronic health record (EHR), patient management (PM) and revenue cycle management (RCM) solution. AZZLY delivers and supports a modern, user friendly, comprehensive digital health platform for behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment organizations so they may grow and serve more in need. A 2020 market study called AZZLY a key player in the Global Patient Care Management Software industry. Email or visit for more information.

About Comstock Computing®
Comstock Computing® is a leader in their field with a unique perspective in developing Methadone treatment software. Their software architect leverages over 10 years experience as Executive Director of an organization of OTP clinics into the design of Methware™. This, coupled with over 20 years experience developing software for the opioid treatment industry has created the most effective, comprehensive and flexible clinic management system available today. Their Methware product line has been commercially available since 1993 and was in use at multiple facilities before that. They have clients across the United States. Over the years their products have evolved to meet the changing needs of their customers and are still evolving today.