AZZLY® Partners with MethodOne® by Computalogic® to Offer Opioid Treatment Programs a Cloud-based All-in-One Solution

Behavioral health and addiction treatment software provider AZZLY® has partnered with Computalogic® to integrate MethodOne®, streamlining the care of patients enrolled in an Opioid Treatment Program (OTP). The integration seamlessly displays the methadone and suboxone dosing records in the specialty EHR workflow for the clinical staff to review and chart progress. This supports their unique workflow and speeds the billing and claims processing by having it all in one database.

October 7, 2021, ORLANDO, FL (PRWEB)AZZLY, Inc., a leading behavioral and addiction treatment digital health solution, announced today that it has partnered with Computalogic®, a specialty Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) solutions provider. The new partnership enables OTP clinics to expand the services they provide and programs offered to serve the vast number of individuals suffering from substance use disorder in every community.

AZZLY Rize™ is a leading digital health solution serving the growing ambulatory outpatient treatment market that offers medication for opioid use disorder (MOUD). AZZLY is recognized for its “purpose built” all-in-one EHR, Patient Management and Revenue Cycle Management software for behavioral healthcare organizations. Some of those features include patient-provider criteria matching, an auditor-friendly chronological eChart, HIPAA compliant telehealth, Mediation Management, My Work alerts, and seamless billing and claims submissions to speed reimbursements. 

MethodOne was designed by a team experienced in OTPs and providing medications for opioid treatment. Computalogic’s vision is providing a clinic management software that can adjust to the needs of the providers battling the opioid epidemic. As healthcare providers who worked in OTPs for decades, Computalogic’s team has created a truly unique solution that understands those providers’ workflow and operations. 

“We are excited to partner with AZZLY to serve more OTPs throughout the USA”, said Keith Jones, Founder & CEO of Computalogic.

This seamless integration between MethodOne and AZZLY Rize empowers addiction treatment providers to streamline their clinical and business processes and efficiently treat more patients. AZZLY and Computalogic’s modern, cloud-based systems are a perfect fit to allow OTPs to provide greater, more efficient services to their clients and to speed reimbursement of services.

“We are excited to work with dedicated addiction treatment providers and fellow entrepreneurs that are committed to improving treatment outcomes” commented Coletta Dorado, CEO and Founder of AZZLY, Inc. “We are being approached by more MOUD organizations that understand the benefit of an all-in-one solution that fits their unique needs.”

About AZZLY®

AZZLY® Inc., founded in 2009 by Coletta Dorado, is a leading mental health and addiction treatment software technology company, providing a unique, all in one EHR, Patient Management (PM) and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions in an affordable all-in-one platform solution AZZLY Rize™. Having lost loved ones to addiction, she and her team committed themselves to listen, and invest the resources to build a better, medically based, clinical and business software. A 2020 market study named AZZLY a key player in the Global Patient Care Management Software industry. Email or visit for more information.

About MethodOne® by Computalogic®

MethodOne® is a leader in their field with a unique perspective on dispensing software for medication assisted treatment centers. Keith Jones founded Computalogic® in 2004. As the owner and administrator of multiple OTPs, Keith grew frustrated with his options for clinic management software which seemed to lack the basic understanding of MAT operations and workflow, and he set out to create an alternative. It was crucial it be affordable for clinics to use, user-friendly, customizable, and demonstrate a practical understanding of MAT procedures. Contact Computalogic at or (724) 371-1199 to discuss MethodOne.

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