How AZZLY® Rize™ Fulfills The AMA’s 8 EHR Usability Principles

How AZZLY® Rize™ Fulfills the AMA’s 8 EHR Usability Principles

The American Medical Association (AMA) has thrown down the gauntlet. Dr. Patrice Harris, the President of the AMA, released a statement calling for “improved EHR usability.”

Dr. Harris’s statement began, “A new study issued today found electronic medical records (EHRs) as currently designed, implemented and regulated, lack usability as a necessary feature, resulting in EHRs that are extremely hard to use compared to other common technologies. Poor EHR usability was found to be highly correlated with physician burnout.”

Physician Burnout

In the past we published “AZZLY Rize™ Prevents Death by a Thousand Clicks”, our response to Fortune’s poignant “Death by a Thousand Clicks” article. In our article, we affirmed our commitment to providing a better EHR experience for every user in every department to reduce human error or lack of documentation. Much progress has been made in the ambulatory space by specialty specific EHR vendors that configure to the needs of a specific segment of healthcare, by eliminating clicks and unnecessary screens. AZZLY Rize is specialty-specific to behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment, so its design supports the workflow processes of the programs offered. Proper initial setup of the organizations workflow, leads to a smooth implementation and conversion process, and staff buy-in to use technology for better patient care.

Unfortunately, many EHR selections do not deliver what a provider needs. The  AMA reports that there is a 44% burnout among physicians, much higher than the burnout rates in other professions. Inflexible systems turn tasks that used to take seconds on paper into tasks that take minutes of clicking through screen after screen. A general EHR works well in a hospital or primary care/internal medicine setting… but absolutely not for behavioral healthcare in an outpatient setting.

The Guide to Improving User Satisfaction, and how we do it.

The AMA’s eight requirements state that an EHR’s design and configuration must do the following.


Requirement 1: The system must enhance physicians’ ability to provide high-quality patient care.

AZZLY’s solution: Make it simple so providers will use it.

It’s all about the patient, the provider and the payer to make this work. A physician’s time is money and it’s important that the time is spent on attending to the patient. Having support staff be able to enter vitals, medications, allergies, lab results for a physician to review and confirm, allows more free time for one on one communication and progress updates with the patient for proper diagnosis, severity, and properly coded claims. This saves precious minutes in busy Medication Assisted Treatment Clinics where maintenance should be easy for patients and physicians. 

A single sign on software, speeds the time a physician takes to e-prescribe and check the state Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, order labs, review results and manage any protocols for all nursing staff, so supervisory signatures are all captured. E-prescribing alone turns a six-minute task into a two-minute one. 


Requirement 2: The system must support team-based care.

AZZLY’s solution: Assignment of roles and privileges so care teams can be created.

Ways AZZLY supports team-based care:

  • All departments work in one system- all locations
  • Web-based for 24/7 authorized permission access
  • Practice Management and Revenue Cycle Management speeds reimbursements
  • Unique Criteria and Licensure matching of patient to clinician 
  • Built-in Supervisory features supports reviews, signature and team based care
  • Easy-to-use configurable forms to speed documentation and allow for multiple signatures
  • Staff Communications and Patient Communications for team collaboration
  • Appointment Reminders by text to engage the patient in their care
  • Permissions based, roles and privileges, supports greater compliance


Requirement 3: The EHR must promote care coordination.

AZZLY’s solution: Have every session, every event in one view.

Our comprehensive AZZLY eChart provides a chronological view of all services provided. If this record needs to be shared, easily select what is being asked for, create a downloadable pdf and share. This helps with referrals and also with payer record demands. No more searching all over an EHR.


Requirement 4: The EHR must offer product modularity and configurability.

AZZLY’s solution: One size does not fit all.

This is why system configuration is a standard feature of all AZZLY Rize packages. 

The AZZLY implementation team works with your staff to configure forms to your specifications or select from our library of master treatment plans and forms. Have it your way!


Requirement 5: The EHR must reduce cognitive workload.

AZZLY’s solution: Fewer clicks. Fewer searches. Less stress.

Many organizations are still documenting some processes on paper or in multiple software solutions. Reduce staff turnover. Give them an EHR/PM/RCM software they want to document in. 

From the unique intake and admissions evaluations and assessments, levels of care, programs, the detailed treatment plans, goals and objective tracking, the auto-scoring and monitoring of outcome measures right in the patient chart; every aspect of the clinical process in one easy workflow. Our Integrated Care Pathways™ create a patient experience tailored to each department process from intake and admissions, clinical and medical, office operations through to posting payments and billing and claims processing.


Requirement 6: The EHR must promote data liquidity.

AZZLY’s solution: Create standards of care so they make sense when shared.

Whether a pdf, csv file or a data dump make sure it is readable.


Requirement 7: The EHR must facilitate digital and mobile patient engagement.

AZZLY’s solution: Meet the patient where they are.

For patient engagement, our appointment reminder feature on average decreases no-shows by 50% and helps improve patient and business outcomes. Text messages that can be set 48 hrs, 24 hrs, same day- meet the patient where they are.

Telehealth is another step forward in engaging more patients, especially in rural communities and where they are comfortable to be engaged.

Requirement 8: Expedite user input into product design and post-implementation feedback


Our goal is to be the best EHR and billing solution in the behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment market. How do we do that? By listening! When? It starts with our business development discovery calls. Our sales team spends quality time listening to your pain points, your experiences, your frustrations and what you like about technology. The presentation of our software is centered around those discoveries so we make sure we satisfy your needs. 

When you join the AZZLY family, the Client Services Team requests your processes for each department. What is your workflow? Then they show each department how we make it easier to get your job done. We want to help you retain your staff.

During this time we are always listening and providing feedback to our inhouse development team so they hear real life use cases from the end user. It’s not what we think you want. It’s what you want and need to make documentation easier, to keep patients safe and to keep compliant with all the complexities of healthcare.

That’s how we keep getting better and better.

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Dr. Harris said, “It is a national imperative to overhaul the design and use of EHRs and reframe the technology to focus primarily on its most critical function — helping physicians care for their patients.” With AZZLY® Rize™, we strive to deliver an easy-to-use EHR that facilitates this. We give you back your face-to-face time with patients and give you back your free time with easy to use software.

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