AZZLY Rize™ Prevents Death by a Thousand Clicks

Why We Dedicated Ourselves to Make a Better EHR
In spring 2019, Fortune and Kaiser Health News joint-published a long-form investigative article titled “Death by a Thousand Clicks: Where Electronic Health Records Went Wrong.”

The 9,000-word critique on the medical records system lambasted life-threatening technical failures, lack of interoperability, and widespread physician burnout they perceived as being caused by government-mandated EHRs.

We agree. Most of the big legacy EHR systems that were purchased during the 2009 start of Meaningful Use just turned paper processes into a thousand clicks technology in an attempt to satisfy the new reporting requirements. This slowed the patient encounter to a crawl. Not much has changed with those bigger EHR vendors, just maybe some lipstick on still old technology, and of course a new version name that sounds hip.

What we saw was an opportunity to focus on one particular sector of healthcare that was ignored and not mandated to be a part of the government push toward standards and adopting technology…behavioral health and addiction treatment. We recognized that a general EHR just doesn’t meet the needs of a behavioral health professional. We believe that AZZLY Rize™ is the cure to the death by a thousand clicks, and here’s why.

AZZLY Rize eliminates clicks

AZZLY Rize is an easy-to-use all-in-one specialty specific platform. And our technology is fast. From the unique intake and admissions evaluations and assessments, levels of care, programs, the detailed treatment plans, goals and objective tracking, the auto-scoring and monitoring of outcome measures right in the patient chart; every aspect of the clinical process in one easy workflow. Our Integrated Care Pathways™ create a patient experience tailored to each department process from intake and admissions, clinical and medical, office operations through to posting payments and billing and claims processing.

And our all-in-one solution does save you time. We have designed a one screen view to easily document a detailed encounter down to just minutes, so that more time can be spent having that important eye contact and human touch.

For Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), Opioid Treatment Program (OTP), Office-Based Opioid Treatment (OBOT) having state PDMP access integrated in the EHR is a huge time savings. AZZLY Rize integrates access to state PDMPs via our preferred vendor partnership with DrFirst. Integrated PDMP check reduces the state requirement from a six-minute process requiring several clicks to a two-minute process.

AZZLY Rize is made with input from clinicians

The design and implementation of AZZLY Rize heavily factors in input from our users. Facilities’ needs are determined during the sales process and each organizations personalized needs are met with custom forms for intake through to discharge.

During training and implementation, Client Services works hand-in-hand with your team to address every need and gap in knowledge. If there are still questions when they’re done, they go back to address them. Our goal is 100% customer success on using our technology.

At AZZLY, we listen

Technology is changing, and so is the industry. No technology is perfect. There is always room for improvement. We care and are passionate about making the best technology solution. We are committed to enhance our solution based on user needs, state and federal mandates, and payer requirements to support better clinical and business outcomes. Custom Reports and Analytics deliver answers fast.

In 2019, we’ve grown both our development and client services teams to earn 5/5 reviews on technology and customer services and support.

We went mobile to make AZZLY Rize more accessible for you. Integrated billing supports facilities bringing billing in house to better manage revenues. Integrated Care Pathways streamline processes and empower organizations to serve more in need.

If you are evaluating technology, and would like to view free demos of AZZLY Rize, fill out the short form on this page or here and we’ll send them over. We want to help your organization serve more in need.

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