AZZLY® VP Of Business Development Answers FAQs From Mental Health Providers

AZZLY® VP of Business Development Answers FAQs from Mental Health Providers

In our recent webinar, Derek Dorado, AZZLY® Vice President of Business Development, answered some frequently asked questions from mental healthcare and addiction treatment providers interested in AZZLY Rize™. Scroll down to read his answers below or hear them yourself in this video.

Thank you 1stDragonCME for hosting this webinar with us! Revisit the full webinar on streamlining patient documentation here.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am looking for an EHR for my small business. Would AZZLY Rize support IOP behavioral health?

“Yes, we do. IOP and OP programs are a big chunk in population of the folks and programs that use AZZLY Rize, so the answer to that is absolutely yes.”


I am looking for an electronic records system for a relatively small start up. We will provide IOP/OP substance abuse services. We will not be needing the medical piece.

“That’s an excellent question. We work with a lot of startup businesses, so don’t let you being a startup or maybe being financially bootstrapped as they say discourage you from looking for electronic health records solutions. Anything is better than paper, whether you’re going to AZZLY or something else. But AZZLY works with a lot of startups. We would be happy to help you out in your evaluation of EHR programs. What I would ask is go on our website and take a look at a little more information we provide specifically on IOP programs and how we service them. And if you feel more inclined to learn more about our pricing, kindly fill out our contact form and we’ll have one of our representatives contact you right away.”


Do you integrate with Salesforce®?

“Yes, we do have an integration with Salesforce and are very open to any other integrations as a team.”


Can forms in AZZLY be customized?

“Yes, all forms are customizable and configurable to your needs, whether you like the layout to have different dropdown options, checkbox options, narrative free text, for you to have easier dictation functionality – all of that is configurable and customizable for your needs.”


Does this program come with a calendar for scheduling?

“Yes, it certainly does. And not only do we have calendar and scheduling functionality but the calendar and scheduler is also tied to a telehealth solution, as well as it also has functionality for appointment reminders to be sent out as well as confirmed right back into the system via text, phone call, and email.”


In closing…

“What I would like to share is that we offer a very affordable solution for folks that maybe are questioning if they’re too small or too new in their programs development for an electronic health record, I would highly encourage you to reach out and see if we could work out pricing for you. We do have a full suite solution so whether you are looking for something on the clinical side, reporting side, billing side, medical side, or intake side, we offer a plethora of different solutions for you. So stop on by our website, check us out, and if you’re interested in hearing more about pricing or seeing a full demonstration of AZZLY Rize, drop your information in the contact area and we’ll reach out to you.”