Time for a New Behavioral Health EHR? Five Reasons to Consider It

Many in the behavioral health community have found themselves searching for a new EHR in 2019. Whether they’re affected by the increased workload of the opioid epidemic and the Opioid Crisis Response Act, the concern of meeting HIPAA requirements due to using an older generic EHR mixed with paper processes, or just recognizing that it’s time to invest in today’s technology, many organizations are now searching for a new electronic health record (EHR) platform that will better suit all of their clinical and business needs.See if you can identify with any of the reasons.

Reason 1: Eliminate multiple vendor products

More organizations are evaluating all-in-one technology to eliminate the pointing of fingers when something is not working. Today’s technology makes it simple and trustworthy by delivering features and functions for each department. Consider how easy it would be to sign in and have you staff:

  • Schedule Appointments
  • Automate Appointment Reminders
  • Assign Levels of Care and Programs
  • Document in real-time, finalize & sign
  • Complete Supervisory reviews & signature
  • Physician Encounter
  • Medication Management
  • eRx, EPCS, PDMP
  • Labs
  • Merchant Services for easy payment collection
  • Billing & electronic claims submission
  • Custom Reports
  • Analytics Engine

The effect is pretty straightforward: it makes your job easier. With everything your organization needs in one easy-to-use EHR platform, your staff can accomplish tasks quicker and simpler and get back the face-to-face time with your patients.

Reason 2: Ready to Grow

Your organization is ready to scale. You need a platform solution that can be personalized for the levels of care and programs that you offer. Whether Withdrawal Management, Residential Treatment, Partial Hospitalization Program, Intensive Outpatient, or Outpatient, you need a platform that can do it all in one solution.

Whether you vision is to stay within the same state or expand to multiple, using a system that can support multiple locations or entities in one single instance supports critical reports and analytics needed for clinical and business outcomes.

Reason 3: It’s Time to Bring Billing In-House

Human error is the number one cause of rejected claims. Having an integrated billing software that is simple to use is critical. Clean claim submission in the high 90s should be your goal. Knowing if every dollar of service provided was accurately billed and reimbursed is hard to do if you are using an outside billing company that fails to provide timely reports. Billing for “low hanging fruit” is easy. Getting paid for all services provided is a skill that may best be delivered by in-house billing staff.

Having a point and click system, that color codes green, yellow, red to guide your billers will speed clean claim submission and reimbursement. Being trained on how to bill efficiently and timely on a new system is invaluable. Building your preset fee schedules and payer requirements, reduce human input and auto-fill of claims data is the outcome of an integrated solution.

Reason 4: Streamline Processes

Having all of the documentation that a payer may require in the same system that you bill in, saves time and money. Eliminating manual processes such as excel spreadsheets, census reports, that get faxed or emailed protects supports better HIPAA compliance and assures that all claims are processed timely.

  • Assessments
  • Evaluations
  • Treatment Plans
  • Progress Notes
  • Outcome Measurement Scoring
  • Diagnosis
  • Vitals
  • Medication Management,eRX, EPCS, PDMP
  • Labs
  • Discharge Planning
  • Billing & Claims Processing

Reason 5: Customer Service

“I never get a call back” or “I don’t even know if we have a service rep”. Most users have limited knowledge of the EHR that their organization bought. It’s only when an audit occurs that gaps and mistakes are recognized. One of the most important steps when evaluating an EHR system is what is the Setup, Training & Implementation Plan. “Do I have a dedicated Project Manager or am I on my own to learn the system? Once I ‘go live’ does customer service disappear?” As an organization, having the ability to reach out for new staff training support, new customization needs, adding or reducing programs or levels of care, expanding locations, is critical to assure you made the right investment. You need a team that will support your needs beyond “go live”.

Evaluate AZZLY Rize™

If you can identify with any of the above reasons,you are ready to evaluate a new technology solution. AZZLY, Inc. has dedicated its time and resources to design a simple and easy to learn behavioral health and addiction treatment EHR/PM/RCM solution for all staff members to use.For all of the reasons mentioned above, we have created AZZLY Rize. Fewer clicks, simple and easy to learn. We are ranking 5/5 in customer service and technology reviews for ease of use and support services.

We welcome you to complete the form on the page you’re currently on or here and you’ll instantly see a few of our most popular demos of AZZLY Rize. Additionally, one of our EHR experts will reach out to you for a brief phone call to discuss your EHR needs.

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