Do You Recognize The Warning Signs Of Poor Office Organization?

Do You Recognize the Warning Signs of Poor Office Organization?

Many people don’t know how to recognize the signs of poor office organization until it’s too late. However, EMR/EHR technology can help you drastically improve the dynamic of your office organization. This will manifest itself in numerous ways, including relieving employees of undue stress, enhancing the flow of communication, and improving employee morale.

Reduce Employee Stress

When chaos reigns in a professional setting, it increases the stress levels for everyone involved. Medical professionals and administrators are constantly worried about the next fire that will need to be put out. When organization is improved through the utilization of an EHR platform, by speeding up the intake and admissions process, by a smooth transition to the clinical team, by ease of receiving doctor orders and medication management, it relieves your team of the burden of chaos and improves overall office morale.

Improve Communication

In many cases a staff may be full-time employees or per diem contracted for ancillary services at a treatment center. Clinical and Medical miscommunication can occur when some staff is using the EHR and other providers of services are not. We have seen where this leads to a communication breakdown when scanning the documents produced outside the system gets behind. This causes productivity to plummet because employees are left without a clear picture of what has been completed and what is still open to documenting a patient’s care plan and services provided. With an EHR platform, all staff members can be on the same page, and it helps streamline the flow of information.

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

When disorganization is rampant, employees will become frustrated at the frequent inefficiencies that hamper their ability to treat patients effectively. They will begin to feel like they don’t have a voice in the process or the ability to change the status quo and frequent turnover can result.

However, when EHR technology is used to improve synergy throughout the office, then the benefits ripple across the organization. Employee morale will improve significantly because they will feel like they have control over the work they are doing.

To protect against crippling office disorganization, addiction treatment centers must have a powerful and reliable software solution for record and data management. AZZLY® Rize™ is a cloud-based solution that combines electronic medical record management and revenue cycle management so facilities can empower their employees to become the best at what they do. Get in touch with one of our representatives today to discover exactly how AZZLY Rize can help you organize your practice today and for the future.