Unsatisfied with Your EHR?

AZZLY recently began a relationship with a behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment organization employing more than 400 treatment professionals. Prior to evaluating AZZLY Rize, this organization used another specialty-specific electronic health record (EHR). In this article we will evaluate some of the pain points our new partner brought up with EHR “System X,” and we will show how there’s a better way.

What is in a specialty-specific EHR?

A few software companies promise that their EHR systems are specialty-specific to behavioral healthcare and/or addiction treatment. That is to say that they are designed and improved upon with input from treatment specialists, and with the needs of treatment centers in mind. A well-oiled and well-designed specialty-specific system can make the lives of providers easier, conforming to their workflows and allowing them to accomplish tasks faster and easier than they would on paper or with a general EHR.However, as many providers have unfortunately learned, not all EHRs are equal, even those specific to their specialty. Here are a few pain points that this organization had with what we will call “System X”:

Problem 1: Unreliability

System X is down an average of four hours a week. That’s four hours out of the work week that users can’t use their system to fill out forms, take notes, prescribe, submit claims, or anything else they use their EHR for. That’s four hours out of the work week that System X users lose and can’t get back, by a failure in their EHR. That certainly makes it difficult to keep up with timely notes for timely claim filing.

Solution: Today’s technology is brilliant. We strive for 99.9% uptime other than for scheduled maintenance time which occurs during those off hours and limited to just a few times a year when necessary. AZZLY Rize even performs seamless updates of features and functions. That means no-downtime. The reliability of our system ensures that we are always serving our clients. They can enjoy peace of mind knowing AZZLY Rize will be there when they need it.

Problem 2: Inflexibility

System X comes with no third party integrations. What you see is what you get. The verification of benefits (VOB) tool was weak, and the medication management tool was weak. The reporting functionality could not support the needs of a behavioral healthcare organization of this size. It does not have e-eligibility or autogeneration of claims.

Solution: AZZLY Rize is an all-in-one solution. In a single sign on, clinical and medical staff have access to e-prescribe and check state PDMPs (prescription drug monitoring programs), order and receive lab results, and have a complete medication management module for protocols, tapers, scheduling and more. Our AZZLY clears through Availity, for all electronic claim submissions and utilizes Change Healthcare for Eligibility checks. Auto-generation of claims is now available through an appointment type or an encounter to better describe a mild, moderate or severe diagnosis.

Problem 3: Dishonesty

The vendor of System X was not honest with their new customer about what they would be buying, promising new functionalities that never came even after years of being a customer.

Solution: We pride ourselves at AZZLY on operating on the H.I.T. Value System. That is, “honesty, integrity, and transparency.” From the sales process all the way to our Client Services support post-implementation, we are committed to applying our value system with our clients. We are upfront with what AZZLY Rize can do for you, and what it can’t. Our vision is to build a strong partnership with each of our clients. Together we can reduce staff turnover by delivering an EHR & RCM solution that they enjoy using. Documentation is key. Our goal is fewer clicks, fewer screens, happy clinical, medical, billers and intake staff besides the leadership team that sees value in our solution. We listen and we care to make the best software solution for you.

Not all electronic health records are equal, though it sometimes seems like it on paper. The functionality of a system, reliability, configuration, and especially the support of the vendor staff, can all make or break your success with a new EHR system. So to the organization that was unsatisfied with System X, and to any other organizations that can relate to their pain points, our request is this: consider AZZLY Rize.

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