EHR Implementation Cost Breakdown

Implementing an EHR practice management software can be a challenging (and costly!) process.

As they go through their search for EHR practice management software that is Mental Health or Substance Use Disorder specific, some buyers are surprised to find that most software vendors charge for training and implementation in addition to their monthly and/or annual access fees. Investing in new technology and not being trained properly sometimes results in frustration and lack of adoption.

To stay ahead of the curve and ensure your success on your new system, review this EHR implementation cost breakdown.

System Configuration Costs

First things first, request your vendor’s specifications for optimal performance of their EHR. This should include their recommended intel processors as well as recommended RAM for each user. If your staff is currently on very dated hardware, you may consider updating it to set them up for success on their new EHR.

For cloud-based systems, ask your vendor what Internet browser(s) they recommend and how many megabits per second (Mbps) their system requires. An EHR management software can only be as fast as your Internet speed. See the Internet speed recommendations for common activities below. Also consider how many staff will be accessing at one time.

 Internet Speed Recommendations For Working on EHR Software

Transition Costs

Consider also the costs of any transitions from your current processes to your new EHR practice management software.

Ask the vendor you are considering questions such as:

  • Does your system include required forms for mental health and/or addiction treatment or do you prefer what you are currently using?
  • What are the additional costs for configuration of our program’s unique forms to your system? Then consider if you had to pay a staff member to do it.
  • What is the timeline and cost of importing our current patient demographics to our new system? Can I upload/import additional historical data? Is there a choice?

Training Costs

The next factor is the cost of training. Ask:

  • Do you offer in-person or online training?

If you require in-person training, ask:

  • Is there an additional cost for in-person training?


  • Do you train trainers? This helps to keep costs down.
  • How many hours of training do you recommend for an organization our size and supporting our programs?
  • Do you charge an hourly training rate or can we get a discount for a block of hours?
  • Will our staff have access to an online eLearning Platform?
  • Will ongoing support and training be provided? Is there a cost?
  • Can you provide training should we add more staff or a new location in the future?


In summary, if it’s time to move to a new modern platform to run your programs on, survey your current staff and processes, hardware and software needs, training and data migration requirements, and ongoing training and support, in order to get the fullest picture of EHR implementation costs from the vendor(s) you are evaluating.

The right EHR partner will give you an honest and thorough answer!

Request AZZLY®’s EHR Implementation Guide here for a detailed description of our implementation process.

For pricing on AZZLY Rize, our all-in-one electronic health record (EHR), patient management (PM), and revenue cycle management (RCM) solution for mental health and addiction treatment providers, speak with one of our AZZLY Experts. A better understanding of your programs will allow them to create a customized quote for your organization.

Contact us any time at or 1 (888) 400-3201. We want to get to know you!

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