EHRs Help Tackle Paperwork. But Some Come With A Cost.

Are mountains of paperwork contributing to high staff turnover rates and exhaustion for loyal team members? Studies show inefficient workflow within the clinic may produce burnout symptoms, even if you have a great reward package and an otherwise supportive company culture. Every therapist knows that emotional exhaustion manifests itself in myriad ways, including the dehumanization factor which puts clients at risk, too.

So, what can your facility do to alleviate the unnecessary stress associated with administrative paperwork and routine tasks? One thing every administrator can do to reduce work-related stress in an addiction treatment center is to make sure everyone has the tools and resources needed to meet expectations from clients, facility administrators and external agencies like accreditation agencies, funding sources and medical insurance payers.

Capturing the Benefits of an Ideal Behavioral Healthcare Software Solution

Begin the journey to create a healthier workplace environment: Get rid of the energy drain.

Leverage innovative IT technology that streamlines provider paperwork tasks. Deploying medical software designed specifically for behavioral health professionals, provides an intuitive path to better time management, efficient collaboration, effective scheduling and much more.

Although almost every behavioral healthcare facility is using an EHR today, not every system is created equal.

A hospitalist at UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine recently told Health Data Management that their EHR is the “number one cause of burnout among physicians.” Not only does documentation consume twice as much time as patients get in front of their providers, but behavioral health providers typically spend a few extra hours daily updating charts. Here’s an easy way to streamline your day-to-day processes, instead of using a generic EHR software, convert to one that is specific to your needs: is more user- friendly, facilitates faster and more accurate documentation from intake and admissions through to billing and claims. All while providing more patient facing-time and less stress to get your notes done on time.

Calm patient fears.

While an inefficient EHR may cause therapist burnout, more than half of patients surveyed report they believe digital health records make healthcare safer. Altogether these platforms with secure connections, integrations and messaging, top the list of 2018 technology goals for CIOs. Technology can be the solution if it is the right technology.

Enjoy the benefits of implementing a working solution.

It is critical to find an all-inclusive, fully-functioning EHR/PM solution that increases face-time with patients and improves measuring and reporting patient engagement. According to Scott Alldridge (IT Process Institute), “[Downtime] is costly,” and creates frustration and unnecessary stress for clinical staff.

A poorly functioning system is a much bigger problem than most organizations realize, as well. Conversely, effective data management ensures test results arrive promptly via integrated channels, reducing stress for clinicians and patients.

Time is a precious commodity. And, once lost, it can never be recovered. Let AZZLY® Rize™ put you on the path to achieving a healthier workplace and better client/patient outcomes by streamlining clinical paperwork. Call (888)-400-3201 for pricing and a demo to learn more about AZZLY Rize, a solution that will dramatically transform the way your team interacts with clients/patients and manages a thriving treatment center.

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