Electronic Medication Management

There is no doubt about the benefits of Electronic Medical/Health Record implementation to manage and monitor patient progress in the management of addiction treatment.

In a discipline so dependent upon patient compliance and the real-time recording of administration and observation of medications by medical professionals, tools to capture measurable data about customized protocols, tapering schedules and their outcomes is a high priority especially in a Detox setting.

To that end, the electronic Medication Administration Record (MARS) and the electronic Medication Observation Record(MORS) within the EHR have proven themselves to be effective tools to manage and monitor assigned protocols. A system that allows for the real-time individualization of a taper by a patient, add a day, duplicate a day, remove a day, stop a taper, add a medication, based on how the patient is reacting, is a major time saver for the nursing treatment care team. Having a best of class, medication drug database built in to prevent adverse drug reactions further assists the staff in fine-tuning the treatment plan assigned and avoiding a higher level of care occurrence. The medical director has 24/7 access to make timely individualized care plan changes to speed the recovery process. Having the ability to add supplements to the database for more efficient electronic administration supports the holistic approach many of the more successful Detox centers are moving towards with less meds more vitamins, strengthening the body for better outcomes.

AZZLY® Rize™ is a specialty specific addiction treatment EHR that includes: MARS/MORS, COWS, CIWA, Vitals, Assessments, Evaluations, and Treatment Plans for medical, nursing, and tech addiction treatment professionals to manage and monitor 24 hours of care plans within an inpatient Detox center.

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