How is Your Facility Compliance with Measures of Standard?

The Joint Commission has revised some aspects of CTS.03-01-09 and that, unless otherwise stated, those revisions become effective January 1, 2018.

If your Addiction Treatment/Behavioral Health Center is already JCAHO Accredited, you clearly recognize that Accreditation:

  • Identifies that you are competitive, successful and committed to quality care.
  • Increases the value of your practice, both within your service area and nationwide
  • Is an external validation of quality readily referenced by payors and referral sources
  • Confirms your commitment to Standardized tools and Elements of Performance (EPs) to measure and monitor your performance and individual patient successes.

Are you confident that you are meeting measures of standard? If JCAHO notified you today of a visit next month, what would your first reaction be?

Are environment of care (EC), Emergency Management, Hazards Protocol and Plan, Meds Storage, Content of electronic health records all easily accessible and consistent with CTS and established facility standards?

Have you ever considered (or staged) a mock survey using every criterion and tool that Joint Commission can and will use when the real survey is performed?

An earnest commitment to creating and staging a ‘mock survey’ within your practice will help you verify your readiness for the real deal. Every practice can benefit from a rigid, serious, accurate assessment of each aspect with the goal of confirming your known strengths and compliance, and, more importantly, exposing those areas in which improvements are needed.

If you are working towards your initial Accreditation, then a mock survey will help identify problem areas in which clarification or outright change of procedure is required.

If you are not confident of undertaking the mock survey yourself, or prefer to have this assessment conducted by an external entity there are many qualified resources such as credentialed AHIMA consultants who specialize in survey readiness.

Need a measurement-based care tool that complies with the latest Joint Commission’s revisions? Look no further. AZZLY®‘s EMR/EHR and Revenue Cycle Management solution partners with Addiction Professionals to create software support tailored to your specific practice needs and has a 100% compliance record with current users.

For more information please contact us or call (888)400-3201.

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