How AZZLY® Addresses Healthcare Technology Frustration Among Healthcare Providers

How AZZLY® Addresses Healthcare Technology Frustration Among Healthcare Providers

Earlier this year, Eagle Hill Consulting surveyed 505 healthcare workers in the United States on the role of technology in their work. The results were alarming: 37% said that in day-to-day work experiences, technology frustrated them. 17% said it actually made their job harder to do.

Survey on the Role of Technology for Day-To-Day Experience

See the results of another question, “How much importance does your organization place on providing technology that helps make employees’ jobs easier?”:

Survey On Importance Your Organization Places On Providing Technology

The advancements and emphasis on technology could be such a useful development for you and your patients, but technology companies are still missing huge opportunities to make your jobs easier.

As a healthcare IT vendor for mental healthcare and addiction treatment providers, we at AZZLY® understand the need to make providers’ jobs easier as the toll of treating mental illnesses increases. In the last several years we all have seen the effect of a global pandemic on people’s mental health.

While many employers have made huge strides in increasing access to healthcare for those with substance use disorders and other mental health disorders, we must take care of providers like you so you can continue treating more. Technology is a tool that can help retain staff and improve clinical and business outcomes. And that’s our mission. Sure it’s software, and even the biggest and best companies have glitches that need to be resolved. That is why communications are so important and having a responsive customer service team is critical.

At AZZLY, our culture is one of dedication and always improving usability and decreasing burnout for our users from conversion to implementation to successful “go live” and beyond. 

AZZLY user Rachel said, “They have gone above and beyond to accommodate our specific and unique organizational needs. The system has proven to be an elegant solution to our complex continuum of services.”

The Solution

The first step to curbing IT burnout is providing a system that has been created with hands on provider feedback all the way. Our total focus is on substance use disorder, mental health and eating disorder healthcare providers.

 Infographic of A Billers Journey With AZZLY Rize

By combining two perspectives—an intimate knowledge of the mental health/addiction treatment providers’ workflow, and the outside the box viewpoint of skilled programmers and experienced billers—we provide a solution that utilizes the benefits of modern technology to deliver better patient and business outcomes to your treatment center.

Our solution is an “all-in-one” system to help you accomplish all services in one system, eliminating the extra time and stress of trying to juggle multiple software or paper processes simultaneously. AZZLY Rize™ supplies electronic health record, revenue cycle management, patient management, telehealth, e-prescribing, and more capabilities to users.

“AZZLY Rize is a one stop shop,” said Vicki, a Clinical Director who uses AZZLY. “I am able to document occurrences in individual charts and others on the team are able to review and use information to provide quality care.”

Program Director Jordan, another AZZLY user, said, “AZZLY has thought of everything a Substance Abuse Treatment Center and mental health facility could need, even RCM services. The AZZLY Customer service is second to none! I am proud to be an AZZLY client!

This system is comprehensive, user friendly and exceeds expectations! We are so happy to have a system that thoroughly and accurately captures information in a way that allows clinicians and providers to spend less time documenting and more time caring for patients! The document library is so large that we only had to create 4 custom documents.”

Within this one system, we’ve also crafted the technology to allow you to do more with fewer clicks and fewer screens. We have made it so easy for our users. We share the sentiment of one of our partners, Nuance® Dragon® Medical One, to provide an “Ambient eXperience,” a technology experience so user-friendly it’s like it’s not even there.

Some of our unique features include patient-provider criteria matching, a chronological eChart, HIPAA compliant telehealth, Mediation Management, outcome measurement tools, My Work alerts, and auto billing and claims functionality.

Business Discovery Call

When you request to be contacted, the first goal of our Business Development is to engage you on a brief Discovery Call. AZZLY’s representatives work to understand your

  • Organizational structure
  • The population you serve – such as those with mental health disorders, substance use disorders, eating disorders, and/or co-occurring disorders
  • Levels of Care and Programs for outpatient, inpatient residential, intensive outpatient, outpatient, Medication for Opioid Use Disorder, case management services
  • Clinical and medical needs – be it telehealth, e-prescribing, controlled substance and PDMP access, medication management and dosing, labs, outcome measurement tools 

One size does not fit all, and knowing a potential organization’s needs, wants, and pain points ensures we provide a solution that delivers.

We gladly share multiple demos and encourage your organization’s EHR consultant or leadership team to meet the AZZLY leadership team to make sure that we are the right fit. We value your business and want our partnership to be a long one. There are no “hidden costs” and we work with organizations to provide a project plan for success no matter how many staff, locations or patients served. Small, medium or enterprise size, we can meet your current and future needs with confidence.

Our Sales Team works closely with our Client Services and Implementation Team to ensure a smooth transition for new clients. The ongoing support of our Client Services staff is one of the things our clients love most about AZZLY. As we serve more clients all over the United States, we are constantly growing our Client Services staff to maintain the same level of quality and provide training and support no matter what time zone clients are in. “AZZLY is extremely user friendly and the customer service is the best I have ever experienced,” said AZZLY user Kelly.

Implementation and Support

Each organization has a Project Coordinator, an Implementation Specialist and Trainer assigned to oversee a successful conversion and implementation. 

“To prepare for a successful conversion and implementation, we recommend an Organizational Analysis be done. This entails the administrative team and department heads doing a review of their existing workflow and processes in each department,” shares Theresa Napierkowski, AZZLY Director of Implementation Services. “Next, we recommend a review of existing forms from intake to all clinical documentation for redundancies or required updates to maintain regulatory compliance and compare against our library of Joint Commission and CARF compliant forms.”

Napierkowski continued, “Finally, training plans are streamlined focusing solely on features and functionality pertinent to each department and/or program, so staff are comfortable and gain the most benefit from the software.”

A good handle on where your organization is before AZZLY and where you hope to go with AZZLY, guides the implementation process to avoid wasted time and provides an organization a full understanding of AZZLY Rize. Our promise is 100% satisfaction. If you still have questions or need more training we are there for you!

If billing is a part of your technology roadmap, we offer transitional billing. Under this option, AZZLY Revenue Cycle Management staff creates, submits the claim and verifies clean claim submission. When converting to a new billing system, this can be a game changer. Not skipping a beat to get reimbursed for services is crucial. We helped one organization catch up on back billing and they recovered over $200K in revenue in under 60 days. Yes, they are happy AZZLY Rize users!

Within the AZZLY revenue cycle management platform, client organizations can also have administrative or billing staff submit claims directly through our integrated clearinghouse partner Availity®. Our RCM is made by billers for billers. It is very automated and customizable to save you time and help you submit correctly coded claims fast. We like to say “we make billers reviewers not doers”. Let technology do the heavy lifting, so a valued biller can review the work and verify that every claim that should be created was created and paid

If you are interested to learn more, fill out the form on this page to see demos, or click here to schedule a chat with a live AZZLY representative at your convenience. We are available to answer any questions at or 1 (888) 400-3201