How AZZLY Founder And CEO Combines  Financial Tech Expertise With A Passion To  Serve More In Behavioral Healthcare

How AZZLY Founder and CEO Combines Financial Tech Expertise with a Passion to Serve More in Behavioral Healthcare

Coletta Dorado, the Founder and CEO, recently appeared on the Small Business Leadership Podcast to discuss her experience in the financial sector taking a brokerage paperless and developing it to eventually sell for $100 million, coming out of early retirement due to a desire to serve healthcare providers, and the unique need in behavioral healthcare that led us to serve that specialty.

90% of us know someone who has struggled with mental illness or substance abuse, and millions never get the treatment they need. Providers need a modern platform solution designed for their specialty. “Many, many providers are still functioning on either paper or homegrown softwares that they developed themselves out of frustration. Because a general electronic health record that has been around for 10 or 15 years and it’s all things for everybody does not fit well for specialties and especially addiction treatment and behavioral health. It’s truly unique. It’s really exciting.”

The Small Business Leadership Podcast is hosted by Jason Johnson and Tom Patton. Listen to the episode with Coletta here:

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