How to Use EHR/EMR to Improve Patient Safety

Electronic health records (EHRs) and electronic medical records (EMRs) are vital to the effort to improve patient safety—a cause that is on the mind of every medical and clinical professional. These valuable tools can help you and your team minimize serious errors in treatment, and remove obstacles in order to better focus on patient outcomes.

Reduce the number of medical errors

When EHR technology is implemented and utilized correctly, it has a significant impact on a facility’s ability to reduce the occurrence of medical errors and increase overall levels of patient safety. For instance, to manage medications and follow doctor’s orders, e-prescription and bi-directional lab orders and results speed the process and store in one place for easy processing and administration. A patient’s condition when in treatment can change dramatically, and a Charge Nurse or a Medical Director want to treat timely in support of medical necessity and best practice. A strong medication management software is a must if administering or observing.

Diagnose patients more effectively

Patient safety is improved when medical practitioners are able to make accurate diagnoses more quickly, and EHR technology improves this aspect of treatment as well. Doctors and other treatment professionals need to be able to access every piece of relevant information as soon as possible when they make diagnoses, and this can be nearly impossible in facilities that still rely on paper records, fax or email communication. Cloud-based EHR solutions allow them to access anything they need in a matter of seconds from a mobile device, so that they don’t waste precious time that could affect the quality of the patient’s care and delay changes in treatment plans.

Standardize information for your treatment professionals

Gaps in information and conflicting details make it more difficult for your employees to maintain a safe and high standard of care. EHR platforms with dynamic reporting engines, empowers administrative staff to generate ad-hoc reports to dispense with questions and focus on patient outcomes to share with medical and clinical directors.

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