Increasing Patient Motivation And Engagement

Increasing Patient Motivation and Engagement

One of the biggest challenges addiction treatment professionals face is getting patients to stay motivated and engaged throughout their time in treatment. While most patients enter treatment with good intentions of improving their lives, some quickly and frequently regret their decision to be there and will feel as though they were coerced there by others. These patients will have a hard time sticking with the program (and of course, seeing success outside the program)—unless they are provided with motivational tools and resources.

Creative Outlets

Creativity is a powerful outlet for patients seeking recovery. Offering clients creative activities can help them accept their addiction, have more success during treatment and stay clean during life in recovery. Many treatment centers are utilizing art therapy and equine therapy to stimulate creativity. Majority of patients that participate in these types of therapies report a boost in confidence and self-discovery. The benefits may be broad, however, it can improve lives by helping the patients improve their mental, emotional, and even physical states.

Support Networks

A high percentage of patients become isolated and withdrawn during their time in treatment because of being “cutoff” or removed from family and friends. The feelings of isolation and loneliness are a major concern. Addiction professionals should create and offer support networks to patients throughout every stage of treatment in order to keep patients from feeling alone in their struggles. Group activities built into a patient’s treatment path can give them support and stimulate creativity. Some activities that are being used in treatment centers right now are equine therapy, photography class, nature expeditions, and art therapy. These activities get patients out of their comfort zones and can help promote healthy social interaction.

Support Healthy Lifestyles

Making other lifestyle changes, like eating healthier foods and getting even just 30 minutes of daily exercise, can also boost the release of feel-good chemicals from the brain that can help patients stay motivated and encouraged. Offering group fitness classes and even just a small gym with some cardio equipment and weights is a great outlet for patients in recovery.

Stay Connected

These are just a few steps addiction treatment professionals can take to help their patients remain engaged and motivated throughout all stages of treatment. Ultimately, one of the best ways to help your patients is to stay connected with their progress and make sure they’re surrounded by positive influences.

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