The Future Is A Modern Platform Solution, Not Just An EHR

The Future is a Modern Platform Solution, Not Just an EHR

The unfortunate reality about many electronic health record (EHR) systems is that they are a burden on providers. The shift from paper processes to electronic was meant to standardize across the industry and make it easier on providers and patients. For many, it’s done the opposite.

On paper, providers develop their own shorthand in their records that they and their staff can understand. Some EHR remove this efficiency. Instead providers have to answer every question even if they don’t apply, or slowly click through multiple screens to accomplish what could have been done by turning over a page. Burnout is the new normal. Fortune called it “Death by a Thousand Clicks.”

It doesn’t have to be that way.

The future is not just an electronic health record. It’s a modern platform solution.

Dr. Steven Rube told HIMSS, “For too long, we’ve tried to add little features here and there to try and help,” he said. “I think we need to take a step back and ask how we can approach documentation from the clinician’s point of view. How can we make the technology as subtle as possible so that providers can conduct a thoughtful, intimate interaction with their patients while still accessing and documenting the information they need to?” 

Creating a software with fewer clicks and fewer screens is paramount. Any autofills or mandatory fields should be intuitive and easy while satisfying requirements. EHR/PM/RCM vendors must engage their users’ feedback. Designing a solution with the specialty programs, levels of care, and number of locations of your clients in mind, scalable to support a wide range of users, saves time and money for organizations. It creates a seamless, easy to use interface—rather than one cobbled together after the fact to accommodate client’s needs.

Experienced developers use their knowledge of modern programming to create a simple, seamless system. During the sales and evaluation process, needs are determined to see what package is the best fit. And during implementation, any gaps in knowledge or capability are closed. With the valuable input of clients and a strong vendor-client relationship, the configuration of the system truly makes their jobs easier and saves them time.


AZZLY’s CIO explains what makes AZZLY unique as a healthcare software developer.


Furthermore, the modern platform solution for healthcare providers is not just an electronic health record. In addition to EHR services, the modern solution provides revenue cycle management (RCM), patient management (PM), electronic prescribing (if applicable), labs, telehealth, and so on.

What makes AZZLY® Rize™ unique is that we dedicated two years to working with the clinical and medical staff of very busy organizations to get it right from a physician, nurse, clinician or therapist process. On the billing side, we focused on accounting practices to put logic in place to turn billing staff into reviewers not doers, so their best skill at recognizing errors before claim submission are used. The software is designed to drive efficiency, support growth, and eliminate the complexity around documentation for medical necessity to improve reimbursements.

Coletta Dorado, the CEO and Founder of AZZLY® described the seamless design of AZZLY Rize: “We offer Integrated Care Pathways™ specific to behavioral healthcare by providing an individualized chronological medical record of each service or event provided during an episode of care. By connecting a patient’s diagnosis to medications (if any), to labs, to their individual treatment plan, to the selected outcome measurement tool for real-time auto scoring and relative risk display, to adjusting the patient’s goals in the treatment plan review, filtered to show a day, a week, a month, a quarter, a year in one view – one report can be very meaningful during a UR review or a chart audit. Such a report is important when calculating the improved clinical outcomes of the population that you serve.”

Dorado continued, “As a company, our goal is to serve all levels of care and all unique programs by configuring forms and privileges to support your workflow for each level of care or unique programs offered. We worked closely with twenty of our key customers to get feedback during the development of our latest version AZZLY Rize. These customers were involved in design and testing to ensure the system was configurable and inclusive of their programs, processes, and workflow needs. The key is for vendors to listen more to deliver a better system.”

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