New Jersey Behavioral Health Providers Should Consider an All-in-One EHR

Last month, New Jersey legislators announced they were committing $6 million to support behavioral health providers in the implementation of electronic health records in their facilities and connection to other health care providers.

This New Jersey Health Information Network (NJHIN) aims to improve care coordination, patient safety, and interoperability.

At this stage, behavioral health providers that qualify for this funding have a pivotal choice in front of them. They could adopt (or stick with) basic, non-specialty EHRs not designed to support their entire operations. Or they could take a look at all-in-one, behavioral health and addiction treatment specific EHRs.

What all can an all-in-one solution specialized for behavioral health really do?

The key difference between a basic EHR and an all-in-one solution is that a basic EHR handles medical records only: intake, documentation, and forms.

With an all-in-one solution specializing in addiction treatment and behavioral health, features cover more than just medical records. They include:

  • Electronic Health Record(including echarting, outcome measurement tools, withdrawal management, eRx/EPCS, PDMP, and labs)
  • Revenue Cycle Management(ebilling, and eclaims, financial reports, merchant services)
  • Office Management(including calendar, reports & analytics)

And more!

Why New Jersey Behavioral Health Providers Should Consider an All-in-One EHR

While the state is offering to pay for software improvements, New Jersey providers treating behavioral health and addiction treatment have an opportunity to advance the services they offer and meet the new state mandates. With grant money, they can afford to make the leap to the next level: an all-in-one solution that will streamline both their clinical and their business process and let them accomplish everything in one solution.

AZZLY, Inc. has dedicated its time and resources to design a simple and easy to learn behavioral health and addiction treatment EHR/PM/RCM solution for all staff members to use. Fewer clicks, simple and easy to learn. We are ranking 5/5 in customer service and technology reviews for ease of use and support services.

We welcome you to visit our dedicated NJ Providers webpage at to learn more.

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