Patient Benefits to Paperless Medical Records

Considering the move to EHR/EMR (electronic health records/ electronic medical records) is critical in bringing your Addiction/Behavioral Health practice successfully forward into this competitive healthcare environment. The days of paper charts, waiting for the transcription of dictation, deciphering scribbled notes and marathon photocopying are over.

Implementing EMR (electronic medical records) requires planning, restructuring workflow, staff training and excellent customer support from your software partners. However, in return, EMR implementation could:

  • Improve communication and patient care across your entire practice, improve data tracking and workflow management
  • Reduce medical errors while ensuring that all patient information is securely protected. (provides EMR templates specific to substance abuse target conditions such as alcoholism)
  • Reduce costs that can occur due to duplicate care, incomplete or illegible information
  • Allow Integration for management of reimbursement, patient scheduling, e-prescribing and report generation

EMR is a readily available, complete and accurate collection of patient health information accessible to the appropriate personnel within your practice.

Implementing EHR (Electronic Health Records) ensures all of the above, plus:

  • It is a comprehensive representation of the complete patient health record, it is not limited to those concerns or problems pertinent to your particular practice. (EHR integrates all patient health data, allergies, medications, treatment, consultations, counseling. etc. From all providers involved in the care of your patient.)
  • Vital patient history and current medical information are instantly available to share in real time with appropriate health care providers, counselors, pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, whether across the street or across the country. (elevating patient outcomes and decreasing the chance of treatment error, duplicate prescribing or redundant testing).

EMR/EHR implementation is most likely inevitable in all aspects of addiction and behavioral health services. The safe, efficient transmittal of patient information and the production of accurate reports is vital to ensure better patient care, healthier patient lifestyles, improve the coordination of patient services and reduce waste and cost.

AZZLY® has successfully synced: EHR, office management, CRM (customer relations management), RCM (revenue cycle management) and more – tailored to your Addictive/Behavioral Services Practice needs. We combine integrated services with user-friendly software and excellent customer service.

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