Questions To Ask Before Purchasing an EMR or EHR

Choosing an EMR/EHR platform is an important step for treatment centers, and the following questions will help you prepare for your decision.

What are the features I can’t live without?

It’s best to start by making a list of the mission critical capabilities you are looking for from an EHR platform, and eliminate possible options from there. You don’t want to get too far into your purchasing research only to discover that your primary choice lacks a necessary feature.

How do the costs break down over the life of the system?

It’s important to consider the costs of the system holistically when evaluating them in conjunction with your budget. Some of the most important factors will be whether a subscription-based or one-time payment model works best for your accounting, and whether or not software updates and additional features are included in the base cost.

How will data migration be handled now, and in the future?

Maintaining the integrity and quality of your data is crucial during the EHR implementation process. Make sure you have a detailed understanding of what the migration will entail, including what impact it will have if you need to upgrade to a new version in the future.

How will the interface affect the end-user’s workflows?

Many software implementations have been botched because executives didn’t carefully consider how the change would impact the end-user. Insist on a comprehensive demonstration that gives you an idea of how the platform will affect their jobs in real-world use. The true cost happens with the users, and it’s important to evaluate that their practices are in-line with the new software, AND consider the additional hours needed to train your staff on the new platform.

What kind of support is available from the vendor?

The level of support provided by your vendor during the onboarding process and beyond will help determine how successful you are with your EHR software solution. Choose a partner that is transparent, responsive, and will provide the level of support you might need.

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