Residential Treatment Programs Are Choosing These Five Software Features

Residential Treatment Programs Are Choosing These Five Software Features

At AZZLY® we pride ourselves on listening to our clients and constantly improving our software to address their pain points. One segment we serve among our behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment clients is residential treatment programs. We have found that the providers at these facilities tend to respond best to these five features.

Dynamic Bed Board

Having a real-time Bed Board feature serves the needs of Intake and Admissions staff, Nursing staff and Administrative staff. Highly configurable by you to support each location, each building, wing or floor layout. “One shoe” does not fit all. Efficiently track the status of each patient bed availability or pending availability remotely. Close off floors or wings based on need or urgency if a Covid outbreak occurs. HR and Housekeeping staff also benefit from knowing when more staff are needed to manage an increase in intakes or discharges.

Medication Management Tools

Electronic medication management tools help your staff track observation and administration of medication. Medication management is our forte. AZZLY Rize™ allows you to check your state Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP), do lab work, prescribe medications, dose methadone/buprenorphine/naltrexone if applicable, provide individual or group therapy sessions, and automatically generate correctly coded insurance claims for reimbursement. We make it easy.


Telehealth assists residential treatment centers with engaging family, loved ones or guardians in support of better clinical outcomes. With AZZLY, telehealth is a click away to schedule and send an invite, while keeping notes all in one system.

Salesforce Integration

For facilities that may have a calling center or referral network, AZZLY offers a Salesforce CRM integration. This supports the seamless syncing of patient demographic admissions and discharges for better alumni tracking and follow up.

Seamless Billing and Claims

Whether you bill daily, weekly or monthly for services rendered, more and more administrators and owners are moving to an all-in-one solution for faster and more accurate claim submissions and reimbursements. If you are still using spreadsheets or sending billing details to a third party biller, consider the advantage of knowing what has been billed and paid real-time. Are you paying for a financial reporting service instead of having it all in one system? Then it is time to look at a comprehensive EHR/PM/ RCM solution, “purpose built” for behavior healthcare, substance use disorder and eating disorders. 

Our RCM Services takes the guesswork out of billing with Auto-generation of Claims integrated with Availity ® Clearinghouse. Clients who use AZZLY have 98% of their claims approved the first time they submit. Get paid faster.

Don’t Settle for Less

You have a choice when it comes to newer technology solutions that are purpose built for what you need. To speak to any AZZLY representative, schedule a quick call at your convenience. Fill out this form to receive demos and more information on AZZLY. We are available to answer any questions any time at and 1 (888) 400-3201.