Talking Treatment™ Podcast Episode On AZZLY® Revenue Cycle Management Services

Talking Treatment™ Podcast Episode on AZZLY® Revenue Cycle Management Services

In this episode Joyce Wagner, COO of AZZLY® and Director Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services, joins Tom Patton to discuss AZZLY’s unique capabilities to treatment centers as a billing service. AZZLY empowers mental health and addiction treatment providers to control their revenue cycle and submit clean claims for reimbursement fast with automation and an intuitive, user-friendly design.

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  • 00:01 Intro
  • 00:30 What makes AZZLY’s RCM Billing and Claims Services unique?
  • 01:25 How have the business rules evolved?
  • 02:30 If the client has internal codes they currently use, can the AZZLY system integrate those codes into their billing process, or do they have to reinvent the wheel?
  • 03:14 Who would be an ideal customer for your services?
  • 03:51 What are some of the unique features that make a biller’s job easier?
  • 05:00 Is automating a claim important?
  • 05:33 What about facilities that have multiple locations … state-wide or in a broader geographic area?
  • 06:09 It sounds like in this time when more and more companies have people working from home it could be a very efficient way for them to do business.
  • 06:51 I understand that you have created some exception reports that are extremely helpful. Can you talk a bit about that and why they are important?
  • 08:31 There is a move to MCO- MANAGED CARE ORGANIZATIONS. Can AZZLY handle that special capitation billing?
  • 09:08 Can you share any real use case examples that AZZLY customer’s have experienced using your RCM services?
  • 09:57 What kind of learning curve is there to learn to use this service?
  • 10:49 Is the training something you offer generally, either in-house or in the field?
  • 11:36 When I talk with physician friends, they often mention that they have to keep people on staff specifically to handle insurance claims. Does AZZLY streamline that process?
  • 13:07 How much does your service cost?
  • 13:40 Finally what friendly advice can you offer to an organization that wants to better manage their payer reimbursements? Could you expand on transitional billing?

AZZLY Rize is a cloud-based solution for behavioral health providers featuring a full range of integrated electronic health record, revenue cycle management, telehealth e-prescribing, and practice management, and outcomes measurement functionalities.

Talking Treatment™ is a podcast by and for people who are passionate about ending the stigma around treatment. Every episode we speak with a guest expert from the behavioral health and addiction treatment industry to learn their story. Listen to this podcast to hear their personal perspective on treatment, best practices, and industry trends. AZZLY® is proud to host this effort to destigmatize treatment and educate listeners. Learn more at