How the Right Revenue Cycle Management System Can Get You Paid Faster

It’s a new era for behavioral healthcare! There are new sources of funding in behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment: federal and state grants, expansions of Medicare and Medicaid coverage, and new private insurer standards have all allowed for patients to get necessary behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment from an outpatient practice or clinic. However, for many healthcare organizations, getting reimbursed still involves navigating the same difficult, sluggish billing process they have had to go through for years. 

Many financial departments have relied on a third party biller and clearinghouse, or they handle billing in-house using an outdated server based software, a mountain of paper or having staff members spend hours working in Excel spreadsheets to get services uploaded to another software. 

It does not have to be this slow and complicated. The technology is there to make it easy to document, create claims and get paid faster. No extra steps. 

The difference is having an all-in-one revenue cycle management system and electronic health record in one platform. Has your billing staff ever had a first-time pass rate in the high 90s?

Auto generation of claims by appointment type and encounter. Incorrect coding of claims can result in a denial. However, the auto generation of claims based on an encounter allows for provider adjustments of severity rating for more accurate coding. When an encounter is completed and signed, the coding associated with that template will create a service on a claim. That’s efficiency. Claims are available for review, to bundle services, and to submit to payers. Easy.

It’s time to take control of your accounts receivable!

Charge Master saves yourself clicks. Bill a day, a week, an admit thru discharge, or a month with one click.

Claims Wizard for Institutional and Professional claims is a new and easy-to-use feature in medical billing. This option allows users to enter data and step through each of the sections using forward arrows. Business Rules will validate each section as you click the forward arrow alerting the user if fields were incomplete or mandatory fields were missing data.

Single Page Claim for those billers that like this view and are speed demons when entering claims data. We know your kind!

Laboratory billing to electronically bill in-house lab billing codes.

Eligibility by organization, be able to set up how often you would like to run eligibility checks for your patient population. Eligibility checks can be configured by each organization to run as frequently as you need, when a patient is created, on check in for first appointment and every month thereafter or more often. It’s what supports your getting paid. 

The number one cause for a denial is that a patient is ineligible for services on the Date of Service on the claim. Automated eligibility running at a preset time and on a schedule selected by the organization helps to avoid this pitfall.

Learn More About Our Solution

AZZLY® Rize™ is an all-in-one electronic health record (EHR), practice management (PM) and revenue cycle management (RCM) platform for behavioral health and addiction treatment organizations, big and small. AZZLY provides configuration and hands-on training and implementation, as well as 24/7 support from U.S.-based staff. AZZLY’s billing system includes a Chargemaster and auto generation of claims. Clients using AZZLY’s RCM services have a 98% first-time pass rate. Transition billing services are available to support your conversion needs. 

Let AZZLY be your answer. Reduce human error, speed claim creation, and get paid faster! Take the first step to speak with one of our experts by filling out this short form.

AZZLY is proud to host Talking Treatment™, a podcast covering behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment. Listen to the first full episode (published January 16, 2020). Derek Dorado and guest Bill Chrisovergis, from Miami Valley Recovery in Dayton Ohio, discuss revenue cycle management.

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