These Tools Are Necessary For Behavioral Healthcare Providers In Rural States During COVID-19 And Beyond

These Tools Are Necessary for Behavioral Healthcare Providers in Rural States During COVID-19 and Beyond

“It’s going to be tragic…a crisis on top of a crisis,” one West Virginia paper predicted.

The combination of financial insecurity, concerns over our future in a post-COVID world, and a rising death count all make for a toxic cocktail for those with substance use disorders (SUDs) or other underlying mental health conditions.

On top of it all, social distancing protocols keep people isolated for days at a time and in many cases separated from the recovery communities dedicated survivors and providers have built — communities already difficult to maintain in rural areas.

Dr. Jim Berry, chair of behavioral health at West Virginia University, said, “[Addiction and mental illness are] going to be exacerbated because people are going to be afraid and people are going to be isolated. And fear and isolation are going to drive addiction. It’s just the reality, and if we don’t pay attention to this, and we don’t take this as seriously as our physical health problems, then we are going to find ourselves in an even worse state of despair than we were before. And it’s going to be tragic.” Dr. Berry predicted a rise in suicides and overdoses.

For caring providers, this situation presents a few pain points: staying connected with their team and their clients, getting reimbursed to keep the lights on, and managing volume efficiently. They need these tools to continue helping their patients during and after the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

  • Solution 1: Telehealth – Telehealth, or telemedicine, services are necessary to stay connected with your team and clients during this crisis
  • Solution 2: Revenue cycle management – RCM tools help you manage reimbursements to ensure you are getting paid
  • Solution 3: All-in-one – having all tasks integrated into one system keeps tasks streamlined and allows your organization to operate efficiently

How You Can Get the Tools You Need

AZZLY Rize is a specialty-specific behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment all-in-one EHR/PM/RCM software. In order to help with volume of claims and remote work, we have introduced an auto-claims coding functionality for specific appointment types and for specific encounters. This allows billers to become “reviewers not doers” and reduce the time it takes to submit claims by 75%. This also allows a clinician or physician practitioner to code a claim based on the severity of the session. The AZZLY Charge Master is easily configured, and a weeks’ worth of institutional claims can be billed in 30 seconds and professional claims in 20 seconds. Our goal is to help behavioral healthcare centers treat more in their community through telehealth and get paid for the services they render. Through our claims clearinghouse, Availity®, you have access to approximately 15,000 Payer IDs. Eligibility is available through Change Healthcare®.

AZZLY Rize is a specialty-specific behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment all-in-one EHR/PM/RCM software hosted in Microsoft Azure. With staff having to work remotely, all staff in all departments who are authorized to sign in to the system are able to complete their work, including intake and admissions, office management, setting appointment reminders, telehealth appointments for check-in, auto claims billing, and billing and claims collection. Clinical and medical notes are created for all levels of care. Due to COVID-19 and the urgency to document in a cloud solution for accurate and timely claim submission and reimbursement, we are now offering a “30-day go-live” implementation and training package for small clinics and treatment centers. Our new strategic partnership with Zoom offers an easy and affordable telehealth solution. AZZLY is also a preferred vendor partner with TSYS and can now offer to support telehealth and mobile billing and online payment button vs. a swipe feature. To help our clients during this COVID-19 pandemic, TSYS will waive the $200 set-up fee and match the processing rates to their office rates. This way, if an office is closed or is doing more telehealth, we can make it easier for them to get paid. This product requires no integration on the AZZLY side so we can get this to our users fast.

If you are ready to get these necessary tools, take the first step to learn more about our solution AZZLY® Rize™. Fill out this brief form, and one of our AZZLY EHR and RCM Specialists will be in touch quickly for a discovery call to better understand your needs. Additionally you’ll get to see a brief demo on your own. Visit or email for more information.