Top 5 Benefits of Telehealth for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Professionals

In this day and age, telehealth is quickly becoming an essential tool for mental health and addiction treatment professionals. With the help of AZZLY®, healthcare providers can easily launch secure Zoom® telehealth sessions from their all-in-one mental health platform. But what are the benefits of telehealth for providers, patients, and communities? And how can AZZLY help? In this blog, we’ll discuss the top 5 advantages of telehealth for mental health and addiction treatment professionals.

1.Improved Accessibility and Convenience

One of the most significant benefits of telehealth is improved accessibility. With AZZLY, healthcare providers can offer telehealth services to patients who may not be able to come into the office. This can include individuals living in rural areas, those with limited mobility, and those who don’t have reliable transportation.

Furthermore, telehealth appointments are more convenient for both the healthcare provider and patient – no need to drive to an office, find parking, or wait in a waiting room. All that’s needed is access to the internet and a few clicks of a button. Safe, secure, private.

2.Better Communication and Engagement

Telehealth can improve communication between the provider and patient in multiple ways. One of the most important ways is through the utilization of two-way video. It allows healthcare providers to visually assess their patients and provide more meaningful care. Additionally, the use of two-way video can foster stronger relationships between provider and patient.

AZZLY also makes it easier to keep in touch between appointments with their patient communication tools. This makes it easier to answer questions, provide health updates, telemedicine prescriptions, reminders, and more.

3.Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings

Telehealth appointments are much more efficient since healthcare providers can offer more appointments in less time. This is due to the lack of travel and waiting times mentioned previously. Moreover, not only does this make it easier for providers to offer more appointments, but it can also help reduce administrative costs.

AZZLY’s all-in-one platform also makes it easier for healthcare providers to quickly document and bill for services. This allows healthcare providers to increase their revenues while decreasing their costs. Also, addiction treatment clinical software for medication-assisted treatment, for example, can help streamline day-to-day operations for prescribers of medication as well. The key is to find software that integrates to streamline your workflow, helps you maximize efficiency, and gets paid for the services provided.

4.Improved Documentation and Compliance

AZZLY’s telehealth features make it easier for providers to document and manage their patient’s health records quickly. This helps ensure that the healthcare provider is in compliance with all regulations they need to follow and has the documentation completed for reimbursement of services.

AZZLY is currently hosted in Microsoft Azure’s private cloud network and proudly serves providers in over 31 states. This enables healthcare providers to quickly and easily launch secure Zoom® telehealth sessions from their all-in-one mental health platform. It is important to note that in any telehealth, providers must follow all rules and regulations of their state regarding the use of telehealth services.

5.Enhanced Reach and Patient Experience

Perhaps the most significant benefit of telehealth is its ability to increase a healthcare provider’s reach. With telehealth, providers can engage more patients and provide them with the care they need from wherever they may be located. This is especially beneficial for those who cannot access traditional face-to-face services.

AZZLY also helps providers ensure that their patients receive the best experience possible with their medical and mental health needs. AZZLY simplifies the patient intake process and helps providers collect all the necessary information, such as insurance and demographics, so the patient’s appointment can start on time.

In Conclusion

Telehealth is no longer a trend but rather an integral part of healthcare services. With the right platform, healthcare providers can easily offer telehealth services to their patients and maximize the benefits of telehealth. AZZLY is here to help providers give the best care possible, no matter where or when their patients need it.

To learn more about AZZLY, speak with one of our experts. Grab time on your Account Manager’s calendar here. We are available to answer questions any time at or 1 (888) 400-3201. We are excited to get to know you and help you take your telehealth services to the next level!

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