Solutions Consultation

What makes AZZLY’s Solutions Consulting different from other vendors? AZZLY listens…

  • To what your organizational needs are today and in the future
  • To what problems you are looking to solve
  • To what features and functions matter the most
  • To what has worked in the past and what does not work for your staff
  • To your staff’s level of tech proficiency
  • To what concerns you have in making this decision

We know that you have many vendors to weed through, but we ask you to compare their value, their service, their commitment and their passion to what you see and hear from the dedicated AZZLY Team. We are proud of what we have designed for you, and we will provide you with on-going support.

  1. It starts with your Solutions Consultant who discovers who you are and what you are looking for in a comprehensive software solution
  2. It moves on to include subject matter experts to answer all of your questions
  3. Then on to a live demo that gets sent to you to review and or share with your staff
  4. Followed by a pricing proposal to include training and implementation needs
  5. We promise a smooth conversion and a transparent implementation schedule
  6. We stand by our “Go Live” agreed upon date
I really enjoy the people I am introduced to there. They truly come across as wanting to help solve problems we may be having. It seems that they are always trying to improve/develop the system.” Nate S., Sundance Canyon Academy
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