Behavioral Healthcare Credentialing Services

AZZLY® is proud to offer Behavioral Healthcare Credentialing Services as part of our comprehensive suite of solutions to help healthcare organizations like yours do what you do best: serve your patients!


Enjoy the advantages of:

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Knowledgeable Experts in Behavioral Healthcare Credentialing
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Awareness of Different State and Payer Requirements
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Bolstering Reimbursements for Behavioral Health Services

Credentialing equals reimbursement.

“There are critical first steps that a facility must take to secure and maintain state licensing to open their doors and provide services, credentialing the facility and the licensed staff is part of that process. If credentialing is not done correctly or lapses, services may be provided, but not reimbursed by the medical payers. Our mission is to help our user base grow and serve more individuals in need.” – Coletta Dorado, Founder & CEO of AZZLY

You can’t minimize the importance of credentialing and re-credentialing to keep a behavioral healthcare organization afloat. BUT, having the right helper – experts who know the ins and outs of every payer’s requirements – can reduce the burden on you.

Schedule a discussion with AZZLY to find out how AZZLY’s Behavioral Healthcare Credentialing Services can benefit you.

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