Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About AZZLY®

What is AZZLY? / What does AZZLY do?

At AZZLY, we provide a mental health and addiction treatment end to end electronic health record & billing software that simplifies the clinical and office management staff’s daily workflow. Our mission is to make it easier for you to stay compliant and serve more individuals in need – better, faster, easier.

What features / services does AZZLY offer? 

Intake & Admissions, Consents, Patient Engagement, Telehealth, Electronic Health Records (EHR), Outcomes Measurement Tools, Master Library of Required Forms, Medication Management, Vitals, Documentation/Charting, Roles & Privileges, Digital Signatures, Supervisory Privileges, eRx/Labs, eSignatures, Office Management, Staff Management; Patient Communication, Staff Calendar, Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)/eBilling & eClaims, Financial Reports, Patient Reports, Availity Clearinghouse, Training & Implementation Services and Support.

Your organization could have a package with any, some, or all of these features and services based on your unique program needs. Request a demo of AZZLY Rize.

What is AZZLY’s pricing?

We deliver a lot of value for a very affordable price! We have a Pro Plan and an Enterprise Plan depending on what features you need. We offer training and implementation services and we can configure your documentation forms to match what you use today or if your organization is just starting up you can choose forms from our master library.

Explore AZZLY Rize Packages or open the AZZLY Rize Packages Comparison to get an idea of what AZZLY Rize could look like for you.

Looking for a $$$dollar$$$ amount before moving forward? We get it. As each package is highly configurable to your unique program needs, speak with an AZZLY expert about your organization’s needs to receive a personalized quote.


May I speak to a solutions expert?

Yes! Simply click here to fill out a brief contact form and an AZZLY Expert will be in touch shortly.

AZZLY Experts are also available to answer any questions at or 1 (888) 400-3201.

If you would like to schedule a discussion with an AZZLY Expert at a time that works for you, see a representative’s calendar by clicking here.


What region does AZZLY serve?

We serve treatment centers located all over the U.S. Whether one location or multiple. In one state or in several.


Do you take clients outside the U.S.A.?

Currently, AZZLY primarily serves U.S.A.-based treatment centers. Many of these centers have clients/patients that travel and they serve them through Telehealth within AZZLY.

In some instances (for example, a program located in Canada that serves Canadian and American clients), AZZLY may still be the right solution for you.

If you think that a U.S.A.-based solution may still work for your organization, talk to an AZZLY Expert.


Do you offer ePrescribing?

Yes, we have a seamless integration with DrFirst/Surescripts the #1 e prescribing vendor & pharmacy clearinghouse for real time ePrescribing and controlled substance prescribing as well as PDMP state registry checking, all within AZZLY.

Do you offer Telehealth? / Do you offer Telemedicine?

Yes, we have an easy to launch telehealth solution built into our calendar system to facilitate telehealth videos, schedule appointments, send appointment reminders, check in and record all notes in AZZLY Rize.

Do you have an Appointment Reminder System?

Yes, by text or phone.

Do you serve Mental Health Programs?

Yes. AZZLY is specialty built for Mental Health programs.

Do you serve Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Programs?


Do you serve Office Based Opioid Treatment (OBOT) Programs?


Do you serve Opioid Treatment Programs (OTP)?


Do you serve Telehealth Specific Programs?