Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About AZZLY

What makes AZZLY unique?

AZZLY was designed to serve Mental and Behavioral Health, Addiction Treatment and Substance Use Disorder Programs, at all levels of care from Outpatient to Residential Programs. Created as an all-in-one platform we meet the unique requirements mandated for clinical providers to stay compliant and for the administrative and billing staff to submit timely claims to get providers paid correctly for services rendered.

What features / services does AZZLY offer?

At AZZLY, we provide a comprehensive Electronic Health Record (EHR), Patient Management (PM) and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) platform.

  1. Our Patient Engagement Portal (PEP) for Intake & Admissions, Consents, Treatment Plans, Education, Messaging, helps to communicate securely, e-sign and retain your caseload.
  2. A robust Calendar system for all staff use to schedule and complete documentation for individual and group sessions; launch and document Telehealth and autobill from the appointment type or the encounter seamlessly, Appointment Reminders and Reports
  3. Electronic Health Records (EHR) for unique configuration of forms based on program needs, a Master Library of Required Forms, Medication Management, Vitals, COWS, CIWA, Protocols 
  4. Roles & Privilege based to support tighter compliance and access control, Supervisory Privileges- easy reviews and e signatures in “My Work”
  5. Alerts- what document is due, when is it due, and did I complete it
  6. Office Management, Staff Management; Patient Communication, Internal Staff Communications
  7. Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) seamlessly built in, Availity Clearinghouse integrated supports autoclaims, Productivity Reports, Financial Reports, Census Reports and many more custom reports and ad hoc analytics.
  8. 5- Star Implementation and Training Services and Support.


Your organization could have a plan package with any, some, or all of these features and services based on your unique program needs.

What is AZZLY’s pricing?

We deliver a lot of value for a very affordable price! We have a Pro Plan and an Enterprise Plan depending on what features you need. We offer training and implementation services and we can configure your documentation forms to match what you use today or if your organization is just starting up you can choose forms from our master library of forms.


Looking for a pricing proposal? We get it. Reach out to an AZZLY Solutions Consultant. Answer some basic questions as each plan is highly configurable based on your unique program needs and they can provide a ballpark pricing proposal. Be sure to schedule a demo or request demos on specific features. We want you to compare us to others! We are proud of the value we offer for an affordable monthly subscription price.

May I speak to a solutions consultant?

Yes! Simply click here to fill out a brief contact form and an AZZLY Solutions Consultant will be in touch shortly.

They are also available to answer any questions at or 1 (888) 400-3201.

If you would like to schedule a discussion at a time that works for you, see a Solution’s Consultant’s calendar by clicking here.

What regions does AZZLY serve?

We serve treatment centers located all over the U.S. Whether one location or multiple. In one state or in several.

Will you work with BH or SUD programs outside the U.S.A.?

Currently, AZZLY primarily serves U.S.A.-based treatment centers. We are getting a lot of interest from Canadian programs so they may be next. Many of these centers have clients/patients that travel and meet via our Zoom integrated telehealth feature. Providers can compare their patient’s time zone and their own easily in the AZZLY calendar.

So for a program located in Canada with 5-7 time zones, that serves Canadian and American clients/patients, AZZLY may still be the right solution for you.

Do you offer ePrescribing?

Yes, we have a seamless integration with DrFirst/Surescripts the #1 e prescribing vendor & pharmacy clearinghouse for real time ePrescribing and controlled substance prescribing as well as PDMP state registry checking, all within AZZLY.

Do you offer Telehealth? / Do you offer Telemedicine?

Yes, we have an easy to launch Zoom telehealth solution built into our calendar system to facilitate telehealth videos, schedule appointments, send appointment reminders, check in and record all notes in AZZLY Rize.

Do you have an Appointment Reminder System?

Yes, by text or phone.

Do you serve Mental Health Programs?

Yes. AZZLY is specialty built for Mental Health programs as well as Behavioral Health, Addiction Treatment and Substance Use Disorder Programs.

Do you serve Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Programs?

Yes, AZZLY supports MAT programs and programs offering Medications for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD) like buprenorphine and methadone with seamlessly integrated DrFirst® E-Prescribing and medication management features, ensuring safe prescribing to support individuals on their recovery journey. Read about how AZZLY serves MAT programs.

Do you serve Office Based Opioid Treatment (OBOT) Programs?

Yes, AZZLY supports busy OBOT programs with seamlessly integrated DrFirst® E-Prescribing and PDMP access in most states. A robust medication management feature in the EHR workflow supports programs that are virtual services and onsite. Having RCM built in assists the billing team to stay on top of AR. Read about how AZZLY serves OBOT programs.

Do you serve Opioid Treatment Programs (OTP)?

Yes, AZZLY supports busy OTP programs with seamlessly integrated DrFirst® E-Prescribing and PDMP access in most states. A robust medication management feature in the EHR workflow supports programs that are virtual services and onsite. Having RCM built in assists the billing team to stay on top of AR. Read about how AZZLY serves OTP programs.

Do you serve Telehealth Specific Programs?

Yes. AZZLY is an ideal solution for telehealth-specific mental health and addiction treatment programs due to having built-in Zoom®, a best-in-class virtual meeting solution.


Providers benefit from launching telehealth sessions in an all-in-one EHR/PM/RCM solution with a unique criteria, documentation, and seamless behavioral health billing.


Schedule a session, launch your virtual meeting, record notes, e-prescribe if needed, schedule the next session, and submit a claim correctly coded for a telehealth session type – guess what? All in the same system!


Time Zones for Provider and Client/ Patient display and we have a unique Criteria Matching Feature to help better serve an individual’s preferences and program needs.

How can you help me with cash flow?

AZZLY provides Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services for organizations to help them achieve a healthy cash flow. With AZZLY’s integrated RCM functionalities in the AZZLY software like:

  • Built In Fee Schedule 
  • Dynamic Charge Master
  • Auto Claims Based on Appointment Type or Encounter
  • Real-time Upcoding and Downcoding Feature
  • Diagnoses & Patient Information Autofills
  • 95-98% Clean Claim Rate
  • Productivity Report for Easy Reimbursement and Accountability of Staff 
  • Robust Financial Report
  • Deposit Report- Balance to Your Bank!

The power is in your hands to better manage your accounts receivable.

Some organizations prefer to have a third-party billing company manage their claims. For these organizations, AZZLY RCM staff will train so you still have an all-in-one solution and easy report generation.

What does AZZLY offer for commercial and State Medicaid payers?

AZZLY Rize Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) platform is built for easy submission to commercial payers and Medicaid. Eliminating human error by auto filling data in the claims creation screen, correctly codes claims for Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment organizations. Achieve a 95-98% first-time approval rate for submitted claims.

Features include:

  • Business Rules Built In
  • Premium Clearinghouse Services Through All Payer Availity 
  • Direct Connect to All Blue Cross and Blue Shield Companies
  • Direct Connect to Anthem

What are RCM Services?

RCM, meaning Revenue Cycle Management Services, refers to managing your organization’s cycle of submitted claims to payers (commercial insurance companies and Medicaid) and then being reimbursed for the services you provided. In a nutshell? Provide healthcare services, get paid for it.


AZZLY empowers organizations for RCM with a built-in billing platform in AZZLY Rize. Owners or billers can submit claims correctly coded for their Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment appointment types and have a 95-98% approval rate on the first submission. 


For organizations looking for a third-party billing service, AZZLY billers can create and submit claims on your behalf. Back billing services are available as well.

What are Credentialing Services?

Credentialing refers to registering healthcare providers with payers to certify that those providers are able to provide services. This is a required process to ensure your organization is reimbursed.


Benefits include:

  • Getting paid!
  • Having your organization/providers registered as “in-network” in a payer’s directory helps new clients find your organization


AZZLY provides Behavioral Health Credentialing Services to providers or facilities to help them stay compliant with all payers.

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