Learning Services

Administrative Staff Training

AZZLY training begins with an overview to a company-designated Administrator or Administrative staff members. The Administrator’s responsibilities include providing a key person list of who will be approving all forms and templates used by their staff for final set up in AZZLY, being the liaison between Staff and the AZZLY team to coordinate training, implementation and go live scheduling.

Super User Account Set-up, Assessment of Needs & Training

The Super Users collaborate with the Administrator and other leadership to develop policies and procedures regarding the use of AZZLY (e.g. content of clinical notes; protocol for incident reporting; communication logging; access restrictions; etc.) in the organization. Designated representatives from various departments receive training from the AZZLY staff to review and confirm the organization’s existing intake, clinical documentation, data collection forms and reports that become the Template Drawer and clinical/medical templates within AZZLY. These representatives become what we call AZZLY Super Users (experts).

Questions To Ask Before Purchasing an EMR or EHR

AZZLY eChart is a detailed record of all services provided to meet payor, accreditation, and state audit requirements.

eLearning Platform

 Each authorized user of AZZLY receives an invitation with a username and password to access the AZZLY eLearning Platform, our learning management system. This platform is accessible 24/7 and is designed, in easy-to-use coursework, to bridge the learning curve and to compliment the online or onsite training offered. Reports may be generated and provided weekly so Administrative Staff is aware of usage. We also provide Certificates of Proficiency for Super Users and Certificates of Completion for all other staff members.

Online Training & Weekly Calls

AZZLY trainers connect with you and your staff via webinar using Zoom. The software allows the training staff to have online face-to-face introductions and training with your staff on the hardware that they use, whether desktop, laptop, at their desk, their home or in a group setting. This way, the AZZLY trainers can assess skillset and users’ comfort level in the system. We offer one-on-one trainings and group trainings by department to not disrupt your day-to-day work schedules.

Individualized Group Training

Once the account set up is completed, and all Intake/Admissions and Clinical/Medical Templates are reviewed, customized where needed and accepted, training commences for each department:

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