Signs You Need A New EHR

Medication-assisted treatment

What are your EHR goals?

  • Convert to a comprehensive Addiction Treatment EHR
  • Simplify the process by using 1 integrated solution that includes billing
  • Improve communications among providers & patients
  • Decrease paperwork/cutting & pasting
  • Prevent medical errors

The EHR solution for Medication-Assisted Treatment programs exists. So why aren’t you using it?

(And no, it does not cost a fortune.)

AZZLY’s Rize technology increases the efficiency of your medication-assisted treatment center in completely new ways, facilitating staff collaboration, patient management and financial administration in an interface that’s simple, flexible and secure.

Which of these sounds easier?

Fragmented Process

  • Scheduling in calendar not integrated to EHR
  • Medical documentation on paper or general EHR
  • Group Notes and Sessions on paper
  • Hours of excel spreadsheets
  • eRx, EPCS and PDMP all separate portals

All in One Solution

  • Induction, Stabilization and Maintenance requirements all in one system.
  • Ad-hoc reporting and custom reports
  • Appointment Reminder system
  • Easy billing to Medicaid, Commercials and self-pay

AZZLY Rize: One. Simple. Solution.

This solution ensures you never give up that critical face-to-face time with your patients.

Addiction treatment centers have the opportunity to increase their efficiency and get the valuable face-time with patients with the AZZLY Rize solution. Watch the video below to learn more or fill out the form for a free analysis call.

A Patient’s Journey with AZZLY Rize

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