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“AZZLY is extremely user friendly and the customer service is the best I have ever experienced.”

TestimonialKelly C.,
Person to Person, Inc.

Azzly Rize - Transforming Treatment Centers
Medical Staff Member Feeling Buried By Patient Load
How will I handle more patients when I'm already buried?

What are your EMR goals?

  • All in One Solution
  • Thorough & Personalized Training
  • Affordable & Scalable

The EMR solution for Medication-Assisted Treatment programs exists. So why aren’t you using it?

(And no, it does not cost a fortune.)

AZZLY’s Rize technology increases the efficiency of your medication-assisted treatment center in completely new ways, facilitating staff collaboration, patient management and financial administration in an interface that’s simple, flexible and secure.

Which of these sounds easier?

Fragmented Process

  • Scheduling in 1st software or paper
  • Medical documentation in 2nd software or paper
  • Administration in 3rd software or paper
  • eRx and labs in 4th or 5th software or paper

All in One Solution

  • Scheduling, medical documentation, administration, eRx, custom reports, and labs all in one system.


       AZZLY Rize: One. Simple. Solution.

This solution ensures you never give up that critical face-to-face time with your patients.

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Addiction treatment centers have the opportunity to increase their efficiency and get back valuable face time with patients with the AZZLY Rize solution. Watch the video below to learn more or fill out the form for a free analysis call.

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*Setup Times can vary based on the number of additional features and customized integration options needed.