Serving Mental Health Programs in All Levels of Care

AZZLY® serves mental and behavioral healthcare programs across all levels of care (LOC) with a solution “purpose-built” to deliver a friendlier user experience. We designed our electronic health record (EHR) and revenue cycle management (RCM) platform AZZLY Rize™ based on feedback from providers like you.

What AZZLY Delivers…

AZZLY Rize is a robust cloud-based platform that delivers:

Outpatient (OP) Mental Health Programs

AZZLY Rize delivers a simple and easy user experience for all staff in all departments. Enjoy receiving completed and signed documentation through the AZZLY patient engagement portal. Imagine a scheduling calendar that shows all staff’s individual, group, telehealth appointments to create auto claims upon check in and/or note completion. Embrace the idea that you can communicate securely with other staff members - no texting or emailing PHI. Select from our master library of mental health forms or we will configure yours.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Mental Health Programs

AZZLY Rize helps build strong teams with a comprehensive IOP platform that supports teamwork- clinical, medical, case management, peer support, techs, admissions. The ability to create a team to work as one can get better outcomes for those they serve. Engage patients in their recovery, by sharing treatment plans, educational material, and more through a secure patient engagement portal.

Inpatient Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs/PHP Programs

AZZLY delivers a strong medication management tool with everything a nursing staff asks for. Keep it simple, keep me compliant. Help me share easily with team members and tech staff. Give me a robust bed board management tool that I can use daily, and my admissions and business development staff can utilize on site or virtually to keep our beds full to help more in need. Tell me how many beds are available, when they are available and who they are available for in real time.

Residential Mental Health Treatment Programs

AZZLY delivers an all in one solution for short term residential programs or long term, for children, adolescents or adults. Manage all services rendered on a daily basis. Engage family, peers, guardians in the recovery journey.

Medication Management Programs

Medication Management Programs

AZZLY delivers a robust medication management tool with integrated E-Prescribing of Controlled Substance (EPCS) and state Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) access through a seamless DrFirst® integration. Our solution supports providers in prescribing, monitoring, and evaluating medications to ensure patients receive the most effective and safe treatment.

Telehealth Programs

AZZLY delivers the best in class virtual meeting solution. Launch Zoom® telehealth sessions right from within the AZZLY Rize calendar. Host secure video sessions with patients, record notes in AZZLY, and submit claims correctly coded for telehealth, all in one system.

Case Management Programs

Case Management Programs

AZZLY delivers a seamless experience for case managers with our advanced system to efficiently coordinate services, manage resources, and track client progress, facilitating seamless collaboration for optimal client care.

Peer Support Programs

Peer Support Programs

AZZLY delivers a seamless experience for Peer Support Services. We applaud that standards are being introduced by SAMHSA to support a certification program for these important staff members so that reimbursement for these services can be paid and not challenged.

In a Nutshell…

Supporting organizations’ growth to introduce additional programs, services or locations is what a comprehensive tool like AZZLY Rize offers. Having to switch to another EHR or RCM Solution because you have outgrown what you started with can hurt the morale of staff and the bottom line of an organization. With AZZLY Rize scale up or scale down, add more services or locations or pivot if you have to. That’s flexibility. That’s business. That’s what we are here for. YOU…and what you need to best serve your patient population.

We are here to help. Schedule a discussion with an AZZLY expert to learn more about how we can serve the providers in your organization. Contact us any time at or 1 (888) 400-3201 with any questions.

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