Outcome Measurement Tools

AZZLY® is committed to providing the required tools to support your facility’s outcomes, both clinically and financially.
AZZLY Rize™ offers a Integrated Care Pathways™ specific to behavioral healthcare by providing a very individualized chronological medical record of each service or event provided during an episode of care. By connecting a patient’s diagnosis, to medications(if any), to labs, to their individual treatment plan, to the selected outcome measurement tool for real-time auto scoring and relative risk display, to adjusting the patient’s goals in the treatment plan review, to adjusting the levels of care or frequency of services offered and be able to filter and show a day, a week, a month, a quarter, a year view in one view, one report can be very meaningful during a UR review, a chart audit and as important when calculating the improved clinical outcomes of the population that you serve.

AZZLY Rize’s outcome measurement tools library of assessments and surveys, without additional costs, allow you to keep track off your patients’ outcomes and keep an eye on quantitative measures of your success.

AZZLY will advise which measurement tools require training and/or certification by the governing source before they can be utilized.

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