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Revenue Cycle Management Service

A Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) service is a systematic process that begins with the initial patient contact and ends with the reimbursement of professional services. RCM involves managing patient information and processing payments, both of which are essential functions of a successful healthcare organization. Without proper management, medical organizations can suffer from lost or delayed payments, incorrect coding and billing, inefficient processes and data management, and even fraud. You need a revenue cycle management partner that can help you manage and optimize these processes. So why choose us? The very first thing that sets us apart from the rest is our commitment to providing you with a comprehensive yet customized RCM solution.

At AZZLY®️, we understand the importance of accurate billing and coding, timely and secure payments, and efficient processes. Our medical revenue cycle management is tailored to your organization’s size and needs. We use advanced analytics to review and analyze your data, optimize billing practices, identify errors or discrepancies and ensure compliance with industry regulations. Our intuitive system allows you to easily add codes to claims and calculate accurate figures in real time. This way, you can identify potential issues and prevent delays in payments. From improving workflow and internal processes to increasing patient satisfaction levels, we provide the best-in-class RCM services and solutions that meet your organizational needs. Deliver comprehensive financial visibility, maximize reimbursement, and improve patient care with our innovative RCM services. Contact us today to get started!

Bring Your Medical Billing In-House with RCM Healthcare Services

Your number one priority as a medical provider is your patient. If you spend an excessive amount of time wrangling with a complex medical billing and revenue cycle solution, you are depriving your patients and practice of valuable time you could have utilized in patient care and administrative duties.

The AZZLY software suite offers a more efficient way to work with its comprehensive medical revenue cycle management solution. It is tailored for the mental health and addiction treatment sectors AZZLY software enables you to optimize every aspect of the patient’s journey, right from intake through to discharge.

An All In One Solution for Your Healthcare Revenue Cycle

Perhaps your clinic still uses spreadsheets to keep track of claims, with new entries made for each lab code. Spreadsheets might be a viable solution in some cases, but they’re by their very nature un-intuitive. The AZZLY revenue cycle management solution can completely revolutionize the way you work. It is equipped with functionalities that allow you instantly add your codes to each claim with all calculations performed in real-time via the system. Enjoy daily, weekly, and monthly reports for a simple follow up of all claims; spend less time filling in fields and time-consuming data entry and get right to business with accurate reports and figures.

Customized Features for Added Convenience

When you choose AZZLY, you benefit from EHR and RCM experts who perform a consultation with your team to determine the features of the package that are the most important to you. Seamlessly integrate features that allow for your specific billing needs and ancillary services, and enjoy connections to all of the major insurance providers for easier claim generation.

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FAQs About RCM Healthcare Services

What is the RCM process?

Healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) is a process that helps health organizations manage their financial processes related to patient services. The RCM process begins with the initial contact with the patient and ends when payment is received. In between, it includes managing patient information, processing payments, billing and coding practices, and implementing compliance regulations. The goal of RCM is to achieve operational efficiency, accuracy, and improved financial performance.


How can I improve my RCM?

With our ever-changing healthcare landscape, improving your RCM is essential to remain competitive and compliant. At AZZLY, our medical billing revenue cycle management solutions include automated claims tracking, real-time analytics, secure data storage, and customizable features designed to meet your specific needs. We also provide comprehensive consulting services with our RCM experts, who can help you determine the best features for your practice – contact us today at (772) 567-0206 to get started.

Why is RCM important in healthcare?

RCM is an essential component of the healthcare system. It ensures accuracy in billing and coding practices, helps improve financial performance and compliance with regulations and helps streamline the entire process. It is also a key factor in patient satisfaction since it can reduce wait times for appointments and payments; improve communication with providers, insurers, and patients; and provide a better overall experience. Ultimately, RCM helps healthcare organizations become more efficient and profitable while providing quality patient care.


How does RCM work in medical billing?

Medical revenue cycle management begins with the patient intake process and includes all processes through to payment. This includes verifying insurance eligibility; coding services correctly; submitting claims and following up on any unpaid claims; managing account balances, payments, and refunds; and ensuring compliance with government regulations. AZZLY’s RCM solution ensures accuracy in all of these processes, allowing you to focus on providing quality patient care.

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