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Bring Your Medical Billing In-House with RCM Healthcare Services

Your number one priority as a medical provider is your patient. If you spend an excessive amount of time wrangling with a complex medical billing and revenue cycle solution, you are depriving your patients and practice of valuable time you could have utilized in patient care and administrative duties.

The AZZLY software suite offers a more efficient way to work with its comprehensive medical revenue cycle management solution. It is tailored for the mental health and addiction treatment sectors Azzly software enables you to optimize every aspect of the patient’s journey, right from intake through to discharge.

An All In One Solution for Your Healthcare Revenue Cycle

Perhaps your clinic still uses spreadsheets to keep track of claims, with new entries made for each lab code. Spreadsheets might be a viable solution in some cases, but they’re by their very nature un-intuitive. The Azzly revenue cycle management solution can completely revolutionize the way you work. It is equipped with functionalities that allow you instantly add your codes to each claim with all calculations performed in real-time via the system. Enjoy daily, weekly, and monthly reports for a simple follow up of all claims; spend less time filling in fields and time-consuming data entry and get right to business with accurate reports and figures.

Customized Features for Added Convenience

When you choose AZZLY, you benefit from EHR and RCM experts who perform a consultation with your team to determine the features of the package that are the most important to you. Seamlessly integrate features that allow for your specific billing needs and ancillary services, and enjoy connections to all of the major insurance providers for easier claim generation.

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The RCM healthcare services offered by AZZLY promote an easier way to work when it comes to your claims and billings. For your consultation, call today at 1 (888) 400-3201..