Residential Treatment-AZZLY

Residential Treatment

Transforming Your Residential Treatment Center

AZZLY’s Rize technology increases the efficiency of your treatment center in completely new ways, facilitating staff collaboration, patient management and financial administration in an interface that’s simple, flexible and secure.

What is AZZLY Rize?

The AZZLY Rize Difference.

  • Integrated EHR & RCM solution to drive efficiencies
  • Simplified clinical and medical workflows
  • Comprehensive Patient Chart in 1 view
  • 100% Passing Rate For State Licensing
  • 92-98% Clean Claim Submission Rate

39 states now require prescribers to check their PDMP before prescribing. Is yours one of them? Fill out this form to instantly view a breakdown of PDMP laws by state, plus get more information about how an easy-to-use EMR/EHR can help your facility with medication management.

Addiction treatment centers have the opportunity to increase their efficiency and get the valuable face-time with patients with the AZZLY Rize solution. Watch the video below to learn more or fill out the form for a free analysis call.

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