Behavioral Health Billing Software

Substance Use Billing Software for Addiction Treatment Facilities

One of the problems that frequently face addiction treatment centers is managing their billing and payments successfully. Because addicts and substance abusers can often attend irregularly and live lifestyles which are too chaotic to facilitate timely completion of paperwork or regular communication with the clinic, keeping track of attendance, payments and treatment can be a challenge. We’ve developed a solution – high-grade addiction treatment billing software that’s designed specifically to tackle the issues you face.

Behavioral Health Billing Software with a Range of Great Features

From office management through to revenue cycle management and electronic medical records, our software provides a one-stop solution to your entire patient administrative requirements. Because the various aspects of care are linked, it’s easy to combine meeting clinical needs with also meeting record-keeping and billing requirements. Given the vulnerable nature of your client group, rapid, timely access to up-to-date information is absolutely vital.

Billing Software Solutions That Are Customized to Your Needs

The software we offer has been specifically tailored for addiction, substance abuse and detox facilities. Whether you manage an in-patient detox facility, adolescent patient counseling services, partial hospitalization treatment options or residential services, our software can ensure that the “paperwork” side of your care package operates as seamlessly and efficiently as possible.

Get in Touch to Find Out More about Our Addiction Treatment Billing Software

If you would value the opportunity to free up staff from administrative tasks, enhance the user experience for patients and potentially increase revenue, resulting in a direct impact on your bottom line, we can help. Designed to make life easier for everyone that uses it, our software is the product of choice for a growing number of addiction health care settings. To find out more about the benefits our software can bring, or to tell us what you’re looking for, call us at (888) 400-3201.