Utah Residential Treatment Programs

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We work harder to help you deliver better outcomes and we can prove it. Ask us how.

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Why Utah Residential Treatment Programs like yours choose AZZLY® Rize™ as their solution:

  • Salesforce CRM Integration to support marketing, referral and admissions team efforts

  • Patient engagement tool to streamline the intake process and get forms and consent signed off prior to the client being admitted

  • Telehealth to assist with the initial visit

  • Built-in bed board to manage beds

  • Electronic medication management tools to help staff track observation and administration of medication

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What AZZLY clients in Utah are saying:

Nathan, VP of Sundance Canyon Academy, a residential treatment program in Utah, spoke about how much of a positive impact AZZLY made to their organization in improving their documentation and efficiency. Nathan described the organization’s documentation system before AZZLY as confusing and poorly organized, to the point of losing revenue.

Their previous EHR lacked web-based access, limiting their communication and documentation. “The web-based service alone streamlined the communication automatically improving our communication/documentation,” said Nathan. AZZLY gave them the tools for e-prescribing and helped with insurance claims. Ask us to read the case study on Sundance Canyon Academy.

In nearby Arizona, another AZZLY client named Elias called it “the perfect solution to our needs.”

“Our business model differs from typical mental health practices and as a result needed a system that is able to address state and federal regulations and AZZLY does this perfectly, said Elias.

“AZZLY has been very responsive EHR system to our needs. Staff is knowledgeable and what they don’t know they find out. The EHR system is very intuitive and easy to use. The system is very streamlined and you are able to find the information you need quickly. We choose AZZLYfor the cost, ease of use, and the system was able to meet our needs.”

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What Sets AZZLY Apart:

  • All-in-one solution created for behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment providers

  • A modern clinical and business tool to improve department processes

  • Implementation process

  • Exemplary service and support

  • Incomparable value for price

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AZZLY Rize technology increases the efficiency of your treatment center in completely new ways, facilitating staff collaboration, patient management and financial administration in an interface that’s simple, flexible and secure.

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The AZZLY Rize all-in-one solution includes the following.

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Electronic Health Record

  • Medication Management
  • Chronological eChart
  • ePrescribing/PDMP
  • Labs
  • eSignatures

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Revenue Cycle Management

  • eBilling & Claims
  • Charge Master
  • Auto-Claims
  • Custom Reports
  • Analytics

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Office Management

  • Internal Communications
  • Patient Engagement
  • Staff Management
  • All Location View

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Customer Support

  • Workflow Experts
  • Proven Conversion Process
  • Smooth Implementation Project Timelines
  • eLearning Platform
  • 24/7 USA based


AZZLY®️ is an electronic health record, patient tracking, outcomes measurement, and billing solutions company. Our latest version, AZZLY Rize™️, isn’t just an electronic health record. It handles EHR as well as revenue cycle management (RCM), and office management. AZZLY Rize provides an all-in-one solution that is designed specifically for behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment providers. And it comes with the hands-on support of our five-star-rated Client Services team.
And to make a great offer even better, the money is out there in your state to subsidize technology upgrades. Don’t settle for less when you can get so much more.

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Tell Me More

Our team consists of EHR and RCM experts. They are qualified to tell you not only about our solution AZZLY Rize, but about how you can benefit from the grant and other funding opportunities that are available to you. Fill out this form to watch our demos and speak with one of our AZZLY specialists about how we can serve you.

Do you have a request for proposal (RFP)? Click here to upload.

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