Watch It: Netflix Show “Painkiller” Highlights the Origins of the Opioid Epidemic in the USA 

Netflix®’s miniseries Painkiller is the latest Hollywood story to tackle the opioid epidemic. For Addiction Treatment professionals, and anyone who has seen the destructive effects of the opioid use disease in their loved ones, Painkiller is a dramatic and often…

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Making E-Prescribing Safer For Behavioral Health And Addiction Treatment Providers And Patients

Making E-Prescribing Safer for Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment Providers and Patients

The more we know about the complexity of addiction, the more effectively we can treat it and then advocate for those with the disease. Medications in combination with counseling and psychotherapy tend to be the most effective approach to treatment. This includes abstinence from all mood- and mind-altering chemicals except those that are prescribed appropriately for the disease.
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AZZLY® Partners with MethodOne® by Computalogic® to Offer Opioid Treatment Programs a Cloud-based All-in-One Solution

Behavioral health and addiction treatment software provider AZZLY® has partnered with Computalogic® to integrate MethodOne®, streamlining the care of patients enrolled in an Opioid Treatment Program (OTP). The integration seamlessly displays the methadone and suboxone dosing records in the specialty…

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