Not a Traditional EHR

Behavioral and Mental Health, Addiction Treatment and Substance Use Disorder Programs are unique. A traditional “one shoe fits all” EHR fails to deliver what was promised or costs the organization an arm and a leg in customization costs. Smart organizations try to recognize this early. So if that describes you. Welcome! Unleash the power of an all-in-one platform designed from the bottom up for organizations just like you. 

AZZLY®’s Integrated Care Pathways™

From Credentialing to Claim Reimbursement

A Seamless Platform Solution

Insurance payors and accreditation agencies are increasingly requiring “Integrated Care Pathways”, connecting the components of patient care, in order to help document “evidence-based treatment” and process payment. It’s a whole patient approach to care that includes medical doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses and psychiatrists working to assess, monitor and maintain the physical health of individuals served so that psychologist, therapists and counselors continue the focus on recovery and daily living activities.

The key is to link all aspects of the treatment process and be able to demonstrate that an individual is getting better, based on “individually” defined goals and objectives being achieved. The Joint Commission, January 2018 Revised Standards requirement is very clear that an evidence-based outcomes measurement tool be used to measure impact of a defined treatment plan to drive client change.

Step One: Proper credentialing of the providers and/or facility is essential. Without it, claims submissions will not be reimbursed and your ability to serve patients can be delayed 90-180 days. 

Step Two: We provide a Master Library of Forms created for Mental Health, Substance Use Disorder, Eating Disorders, MAT and more to choose from or supplement what you are working on. Our evidence-based selection of Outcome Measurement Tools simplifies the use, and provides real-time auto scoring and relative risk.

Step Three: Setting up Required Encounters is an invaluable compliance and UR Tool: alert providers what documents are due, when they are due and whether they are completed. The ability to launch telehealth from a calendar, e-prescribe, order and receive lab results and internally communicate privately and securely all in one platform solves many pain points for administrators and clinical managers.

Step Four: Engage the Patient, Parent, Guardian in their recovery journey. Set up their Patient Engagement Portal to message and retain your case load:

 A clinician can easily complete the Integrated Care Pathways™ , review and adjust a patient’s treatment plan goals, objectives and interventions for better outcomes.-

AZZLY’s Integrated Care Pathways help providers deliver a seamless continuity of care for their patients.

AZZLY’s Patient Engagement Portal (PEP) supports patients along the recovery journey.

AZZLY® Rize eChart is a chronological list of all services or events in the patient’s history provided by that treatment center.

What makes us different…

Purpose Built

There are very few EHR vendors that have designed and delivered an all-in-one platform for Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment. Most are traditional EHRs that serve multiple specialty practices and have features and functions not needed for Behavioral Health or Addiction Treatment clinics. The result is the staff gets frustrated and burnt out. Documenting what is needed for best practice and compliance, requires a seamless platform that includes all the features and functions needed for the level of care served at the clinic. It is a combination of clinical and business requirements that are unique to clinics that serve mental health and substance use disorder and they are ever changing.

AZZLY is designed to be configured when these changes occur without the surprise of customization costs. AZZLY is a software as a service. All clinics on our platform benefit when requirements change and upgrades occur. A traditional EHR in many cases lacks that flexibility.

Affordability, reliability and security is what we deliver.

AZZLY’s foundation is based on medical necessity and standards of care created by ASAM, The Joint Commission and CARF.

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