Patient Engagement Portal

AZZLY®’s Patient Engagement Portal is here!

Access AZZLY®’s Patient Engagement Portal (PEP) within AZZLY Rize™, our Electronic Health Record (EHR), Patient Management (PM) and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) platform  “purpose-built” to deliver a friendlier user experience for Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment programs.

PEP offers a secure and user-friendly platform that enhances communication, document management, and engagement between providers, patients, parents, and guardians. This easy to access and use portal aims to empower individuals on their recovery journey by providing a range of innovative features designed to streamline communications with their service provider, improve access to information, and simplify administrative processes.

“We are proud to introduce the AZZLY Rize Patient Engagement Portal as an integral component of our all-in-one EHR, Patient Management and Revenue Cycle Management platform. We recognized how frustrating it is for treatment organizations to use another software outside of their EHR to engage their patients and another one to apply signatures. Not anymore!”  – Coletta Dorado, CEO

Invite your Patient Population to access the Patient Engagement Portal (PEP) at to embark on a more connected and informed recovery journey. To connect with an AZZLY expert and learn more about AZZLY’s robust solutions for treatment organizations, visit or email

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