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As a Behavioral Health or Addiction Treatment Professional, you have unique needs when it comes to patient care. AZZLY® focuses on giving you the right tools and information to support your high-quality care. Our integrated EHR and RCM system streamlines your workflow processes, from outreach and intake through to billing, and helps you get the most out of your workflow. With our behavioral health practice management software, you can be sure that you are getting the most out of your practice and providing the best possible patient care. The substance use treatment software from AZZLY is designed to give you the tools and information you need for a successful practice. Start optimizing your workflow today with AZZLY!

The Core Benefits of AZZLY –

  1. Easy-to-Use User Interface: Our intuitive design is easy to learn and use, so you can quickly get up to speed with the software.
  2. Automated Functions: Automate various aspects of your workflow, from scheduling appointments and sending patient reminders to billing and collecting payments.
  3. Mobility: Take the software with you wherever you go, so you have access to all the features even when you’re away from your desktop.
  4. Data Security: Our highly secure system ensures that patient data remains safe and private, even when you’re on the go.
  5. Customization: Our behavioral health software is fully customizable so that you can tailor the system to best meet your needs.
  6. Support: Our dedicated support team is on hand to answer any questions you may have and provide assistance whenever necessary.
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AZZLY Rize™ is an all-in-one addiction treatment and behavioral healthcare specific EHR and RCM system. We serve small, medium, and large organizations. Key behavioral healthcare features include e-check-in, scheduling, appointment reminder, EHR, treatment plans, progress notes, outcome measurement tools, medication management, withdrawal management, e-prescribing, EPCS, PDMP, patient communication tools and electronic billing and claims submission. Very customizable and scalable.

AZZLY Rize™ addresses your needs through simplicity and automation. The result is empowering your staff and improving your patients outcomes.

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“The Customer Service is excellent. The staff responds quickly, and they are very helpful. They continue to monitor the problem until it is solved. AZZLY® has one of the best Customer Service that I have experienced.”

Susan S.
Clinical Director

“This is just so much easier and smoother than what we have been using.”


“AZZLY Rize™ is a one stop shop. I am able to document occurrences in individual charts and others on team are able to review and use information to provide quality care.”

Vicki T.
Clinical Director

“The perfect solution to our needs. AZZLY® has been a very responsive EHR system to our needs. staff is knowledgeable and what they don’t know they find out. The EHR system is very intuitive and easy to use. The system is very streamlined and you are able to find the information you need quickly.

Elias M.

“I have worked with several EMR programs though out my career and most feel like are developed by programmers and the clinical staff have to adapt to conform what the software is capable of. AZZLY® has worked closely with our team to help develop an intuitive EMR that feels like it was developed by and for Clinicians. The process has been very supportive and they have worked diligently to implement special requests, making the software feel like our own.”

James C.
Clinical Director

“AZZLY® has thought of everything a Substance Abuse Treatment Center and mental health facility could need, even RCM services. The AZZLY Customer service is second to none! I am proud to be an AZZLY client!

This system is comprehensive, user friendly and exceeds expectations! We are so happy to have a system that thoroughly and accurately captures information in a way that allows clinicians and providers to spend less time documenting and more time caring for patients! The document library is so large that we only had to create 4 custom documents.”

Jordan G.
Program Director

An All-in-One Addiction Treatment EHR and RCM

Health Record

  • Medication Management
  • Chronological eChart
  • ePrescribing/PDMP
  • Labs
  • eSignatures


  • Internal Communications
  • Patient Engagement
  • Staff Management
  • All Location View

Revenue Cycle

  • eBilling & Claims
  • Charge Master
  • Auto-Claims
  • Custom Reports
  • Analytics


  • Workflow Experts
  • Proven Conversion Process
  • Seamless Implementation
  • eLearning Platform
  • 24/7 USA based
Lady Explaining Addiction Treatment EHR Software

A behavioral health EHR is an electronic health record system specifically designed to store and manage clinical data for patients with mental health and/or substance use disorders. It helps healthcare professionals to document patient progress, create treatment plans, track outcomes, coordinate care, and enable various features to streamline workflow and improve patient care.

AZZLY Rize™ is designed for not only all clinical and medical providers(therapists, clinicians, nurses, nurse-practitioners, psychiatrists, medical doctors, case managers)but also for intake and admissions staff, administrative staff and billing and claims staff. All authorized personnel that need to document, manage or process services would all work in one system for greater efficiency, accountability and compliance. For more information, please contact us at (772) 567-0206.

AZZLY Rize™ patient engagement solution( helps to improve treatment programs by integrating patient-facing forms, education, and messaging into one easy-to-use solution. This speeds the intake and admission process by having consents and other forms completed in advance to reduce staff workload and improve patient satisfaction. Plus, since the solution can be accessed on a computer, tablet, or phone, it’s easy for both providers and patients to stay connected and engaged in their treatment.

We are told by seasoned billers, that our Revenue Cycle Management(RCM) functionality is the best they have seen for mental healthcare and substance use disorder programs. Charge master set up, fee schedules, payer rules, modifiers, ICD-10, DSM-5 codes allows providers to get paid faster and manage their finances more effectively. We offer a wide range of features to streamline the billing process, including claims management, e-billing, and automated ERA posting. Plus, our five star rated US based support team is always available to help with any questions or concerns.

Behavioral health software that has a specialized EHR and RCM system integrated specifically for mental health and addiction treatment professionals. It enables clinicians and staff to track patient progress, store medical records, schedule appointments, and manage billing. It is designed to help streamline administrative processes and improve care collaboration within treatment teams.

The best treatment system depends on your specific goals and needs. Our practice management software is tailored specifically for substance use disorder recovery professionals, helping them reduce administrative compliance burdens and streamline operations. It includes features like patient tracking, scheduling, billing, and reporting. Additionally, we have ePrescribing/PDMP, internal communications, and patient engagement tools.

If you are looking for a comprehensive solution to manage your mental health and addiction treatment practice, contact us at (772) 567-0206 ext 2101 to learn more.

Mental health software is a specialized EMR and EHR software designed for mental healthcare professionals such as psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and counselors. The software helps streamline administrative compliance processes and improve collaboration within treatment teams to improve patient care and outcomes.

An EMR (Electronic Medical Record) is a digital version of the paper medical chart used by healthcare providers. It contains patient information such as medical history, diagnoses, medications, and treatments. An EHR (Electronic Health Record) is a more comprehensive version of an EMR that contains additional data such as laboratory results, test results, immunization records, and more. It is designed to provide better access to patient data so that providers can make more informed decisions about care.

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